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Best Settings to Improve Visibility in Black Ops Cold War PS5 and Xbox Series X

Can’t see your enemies? Improve your visibility in Black Ops Cold War using these tips.

Enemy visibility is always very important in fast-paced twitch shooters like Call of Duty. It is literally the difference between life and death most of the time.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Black Ops Cold War’s enemy visibility, or lack thereof. Many players struggle to see enemies even when they are right in front of them.

Use these settings to get the best visibility and make sure you don’t die to an enemy you should have spotted. Also, check out our best Black Ops Cold War game settings guide too.

Settings to Improve Visibility in Black Ops Cold War

Field of View

The simplest way to make sure you spot more enemies is by increasing your field of view. We wouldn’t recommend turning it all the way up though.

The best field of view settings need to be balanced so that you can see what’s happening in your peripheral vision without everything looking too small. Somewhere between 100-110 is the best.

Colorblind Modes

There are a number of colorblind presets that players can pick from, which is great for those who are colorblind. These settings can also be useful for any player though.

Players can set custom colors for the minimap and names that appear above players’ heads. We’d recommend going for a bright color like pink for the enemies – the default red blends into the background too often.

Black Ops Cold War Colorblind Settings

Motion Blur

Motion Blur is always a hindrance in multiplayer games. It aims to make the game look more realistic by simulating the blur of your eyes when trying to focus on high-speed objects.

However, motion blur gives you a competitive disadvantage because it makes enemies harder to see. Turn it off if you want the best visibility.


Like most games, Black Ops Cold War has a brightness slider that should be adjusted according to your display. However, it’s probably best to ignore what it says.

While setting the slider so that the logo is hidden may make for the most realistic looking shadows, it won’t help your visibility. If you turn the slider up a little more than what is recommended, to around 75, then players camping in dark corners will become much more visible.

Black Ops Cold War Brightness Settings

Nametags and Health Bars

Players also have the option to change how health bars and player names are displayed. We’d suggest selection abbreviated for player names as having the clan tag there too can make the screen cluttered.

Health bars are more down to personal preference. If you find that they clutter the screen then you can turn them off. They aren’t very important in Black Ops Cold War as the time-to-kill is so low anyway.

AyeFreddyB Reddit

Now that you’ve got the visibility sorted, there’s no way better to test it out than with some of the best guns for Cold War multiplayer.

Sticking to Black Ops Cold War multiplayer might be the best bet for Call of Duty fans at the moment. Warzone is being ruined by a stupidly overpowered gun.

There is also a huge new update on the horizon for Black Ops Cold War, featuring a whole load of new content.

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