There are a lot of different settings players can alter within MW2 on consoles, but it can be hard to know what to change them too. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Of course, if you’re also looking to pick up Modern Warfare 2 on PC, then you may want to check out the best MW2 settings on PC first so you have the best performance and visuals possible.

Best MW2 Controller Settings on Consoles

There are a wide range of controller settings you can change to make aiming easier and each button prompt fit your preferences. Here are the best controller settings:


  • Edit Button Layout – Default
    • The default option is standard for all CoD games and is preferable for newer players. However, by selecting Custom you can completely edit every button on your controller to tailor the experience to your liking
  • Flip L1/L2 and R1/R2 – Off
    • This setting allows you to flip aiming with L2 and firing with R2 to aiming with L1 and firing with R1. If that seems preferable to you, then switch it on. Otherwise, the standard is to have it off
  • Stick Layout Preset – Default
    • This is purely preferential. However, for newer players or people used to other FPS games, Default is the best choice
  • Controller Vibration – On
    • Having it on makes feedback far more impactful, and shooting more enjoyable
  • Trigger Effect – Off
    • While haptic feedback is a fun gimmick, it can detract from your experience a little, especially when guns feel stiffer to use


  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity – 4 – 9
    • You may want to play around with this setting to get it feeling just right for you. It speeds up or slows down your aiming depending on how high or low it is. Any setting between 4 and 9 will be suitable for the average player
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity – 4 – 9
    • Match this setting to whatever number you choose for Horizontal Stick Sensitivity
  • Ads Sensitivity Multiplier – 0.80
    • This number will affect your aim speed when aiming down sights. It’s best to keep this between the 0.80 and 1.00 mark so you’re not too fast when trying to target opponents
  • Sensitivity Multiplier
    • Third Person Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
    • Ground Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
    • Air Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
    • Tablet Sensitivity Multiplier – 1.00
  • Vertical Aim Axis
    • Vertical Aim (On Foot) – Standard
    • Vertical Aim (Third Person) – Standard
    • Vertical Aim (Ground Vehicle) – Standard
    • Vertical Aim (Air Vehicle) – Standard
    • If you prefer inverted controls, then switch all of these to Inverted
the controller settings in MW2


  • Aim Down Sight Behavior – Hold
    • If you prefer to toggle to aim down sights, then select Toggle. However, Hold is standard for most FPS games
  • Automatic Sprint – Off
    • Having this set to Automatic Sprint or Automatic Tactical Sprint will make you sprint whenever you move while standing. So, if you want to play tactically and not rush into every encounter, you’re better off choosing Off
  • Equipment Behavior – Hold
    • Like Aim Down Sight Behavior, if you prefer to toggle your grenades etc, then choose Toggle. Otherwise, Hold is standard and better for newcomers
  • Weapon Mount Activation – ADS + Melee
    • This determines which button prompts enter you into Weapon Mounting mode. ADS + Melee is standard and will be the most accurate too
  • Interact/Reload Behavior – Tap To Reload
    • An option like Prioritize Interact is better for Warzone. However, for MW2 multiplayer, Tap To Reload is standard and the best option
  • Armor Plate Behavior – Apply One
    • This determines how many Armor Plates you equip at one time. Selecting All may be risky, as you may want to save Armor Plates for later. So, Apply One is the best option

Best MW2 Advanced Controller Settings on Consoles

Once you’ve sorted out your basic controller settings, you can alter the more advanced controls. Changing these will really improve your game and make the entire experience smoother.

Aim Assist

  • Target Aim Assist – On
    • Aim Assist is really helpful for most players unless you want to make the experience harder and more challenging
  • Aim Assist Type – Default
    • The best setting for most players unless you prefer the Aim Assist in the Black Ops games, in which case select Black Ops


  • Aim Response Curve Type – Standard
  • ADS Sense. Multiplier (Focus) – 1.00
    • This alters how sensitive your sticks are while focusing a shot (for example when using a sniper rifle). Keeping this at 1.00 means that your aim assist will remain at a standard speed
  • ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing – Instant
    • Keeping this at Instant is the best as it doesn’t apply a delay to your sensitivity when switching from hip fire to aiming down sights
  • Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom – Off
    • By choosing Off you’re essentially opting in for the default options. However, if you select On you can alter these options per your preference
  • Inputs Deadzone
    • Left Stick Min – 0.03
    • Right Stick Min – 0.03
    • Left Stick Max – 0.75
    • Right Stick Max – 1.00
    • L2 Button Deadzone – 0.00
    • R2 Button Deadzone – 0.00
    • When it comes to Input Deadzone, you’re going to want to get the numbers as low as you can before you start seeing drift when not moving your thumbstick. These settings are a good rule of thumb to get you started if you’re not sure
the advanced controller settings in MW2

Movement Behaviors

  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior – Toggle
    • Toggling when you sprint is a lot easier than holding it down as it puts less pressure on your thumbs
  • Auto Move Forward – Off
    • You want to have as much control over your movement as possible, and keeping this Off will help with that
  • Tactical Sprint Behavior – Double Tap
  • Grounded Mantle – Off
  • Automatic Airborne Mantle – Off
  • Automatic Ground Mantle – Off
  • Invert Slide and Dive Behavior – Standard
    • Change this setting if you prefer inverted controls
  • Plunging Underwater – Movement
    • This is completely preferential, and it’s easier to see what feels more natural. Movement requires you to sprint and look down to dive underwater, whereas Plunge Freely lets you just walk into the water
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy – On
    • Safer to have this on, as it just means that should you jump from a tall building but you’re not sure you’ll stick the landing, your parachute will save you automatically
  • Sprinting Door Bash – On

Combat Behaviors

  • ADS Stick Swap – Off
  • Backpack Alternate Control – Off
  • Weapon Mount Exit Delay – Medium
  • Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch – On
    • This will save you in frantic shootouts as it’ll automatically switch to a new gun if you run out of ammo
  • Quick C4 Detonation – Off
    • With this setting On, you’ll throw a C4 with R1 and then detonate it by pressing R1 again. However, with it Off you’ll throw all your C4 with each R1 press, before then detonating them all with a final R1 press

Vehicle Behaviors

  • Vehicle Camera Recenter – Short Delay
    • This will just reset your camera so you have a better driving experience
  • Camera Initial Position – Free Look

Overlays Behaviors

  • Ping Wheel Delay – Moderate
  • Double Tap Danger Ping Delay – Moderate

Best MW2 Graphics Settings on Consoles

If you want MW2 to look its very best while giving you the clearest picture and enabling you to spot your targets before they spot you, then absolutely use these best settings:

Details & Textures

  • On-Demand Texture Streaming – On
    • Turn this off if you begin to experience lag (especially on last-gen consoles)

Post Processing Effects

  • World Motion Blur – Off
    • Having this off will give you a much clearer image and won’t obscure details when moving around
  • Weapon Motion Blur – Off
  • Film Grain – 0.00
  • Depth of Field – Off
    • While having it on looks aesthetically pleasing, it will blur anything surrounding what you’re not focused on. This could inadvertently blur out enemy operators who are not within your crosshairs
  • FiedlityFX CAS – On
  • FiedlityFX CAS Strength – 50 – 100
    • This will greatly improve the clarity and sharpness of the image. Toggle between 0.50 and 1.00 depending on your preference
the graphics settings menu in MW2


  • 120 HZ Refresh Rate – On
    • You will only see this option if your TV is capable of a 120 HZ refresh rate
  • Field Of View (FOV) – 80 – 105
    • ADS Field Of View – Affected
    • Weapon Field Of View – Default
    • The higher the number for FOV, the more zoomed out the image will appear. This will make enemies seem smaller, however, it will give you a better view of everything. 80 is the default FOV on consoles, but pro players tend to set it higher to around 105
  • 3rd Person Field Of View – 80
    • Make this higher or lower depending on your preferences with 3rd person gameplay
  • 1st Person Camera Movement – Least (50%)
    • Reducing this will reduce camera shake which is hugely helpful if you suffer from motion sickness
  • 3rd Person Camera Movement – Least (50%)
  • 3rd Person ADS Transition – 3rd Person ADS
    • This basically decides if you switch to a first-person perspective or remain in a third-person perspective when you aim down sights. Again, it is entirely preferential, and will likely depend on the kinds of games you play
  • Default Spectator Camera – Game Perspective
  • Safe Area
    • Edit this to best fit your screen. The further you push the white arrows, the further to the side the mini-map will be, so it is worth keeping that in mind
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