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Best Settings for Splatoon 3 to Help You Win

If you’re wanting to maximize your wins in Splatoon 3, check out the best settings to help you defeat your opponents!

While the Splatoon series has a childlike and whimsical nature, it is still a shooter at its core. Painting turf may take priority over defeating enemies, but you’ll still need to take down other players when necessary.

Settings alone won’t help you win matches consistently, but optimizing your settings will make Splatoon 3 much easier.

Here are the best settings for Splatoon 3, so you can get back to playing online!

What Settings Should You Use in Splatoon 3?

Best Sensitivity Settings

The best setting to set your sensitivity at is between +3 and +5 on the sliding scale, for both motion control and the stick.

Due to how hectic Splatoon matches can be, having a higher sensitivity means you can quickly turn to enemies.

Best Settings for Splatoon 3

Of course, a higher sensitivity may take some getting used to for some players. Also, you’re likely to miss more paint with faster aiming, but it definitely pays off.

While some players may prefer the default or even lower sensitivity options, these are the settings we recommend.

Motion controls offer a smoother and quicker way to aim, while many players will be used to using two analog sticks in a shooter. You should find out whether motion controls or stick aiming is better in Splatoon 3!

Other Settings

As for other settings, many of these will rely on personal preference, but we’ll still cover them here!

Toggling inverted for either stick will change the way you aim in the opposite direction. For example, if you push the stick up, your character would look down instead.

What Other Settings to Choose Splatoon 3

Color lock will keep your team and the enemy team’s colors consistent throughout matches. We recommend keeping this off unless you struggle to remember which color you are in different games.

Post display will allow you to see other players’ created posts, and some are extremely well-designed. We also recommend keeping this on, as it makes Splatsville feel even more alive.

As for lobby notifications, this will send a notification that you’re playing to any friends. If you play with friends frequently, keep this on. However, if you’re usually playing solo, you can switch this off.

Making use of the best settings is a great start to winning matches, but you may need to practice some new tricks. Find out how to dodge roll in Splatoon 3!

If you’re interested in the story of Splatoon, you may be excited to know that we finally know what happened to humans in the Splatoon universe. However, we have to let you know that these are spoilers.

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