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Best Settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Before you drop into a game of Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, it’s worth making sure you’re running the best possible settings.

Black Ops Cold War’s launch is a busy one, and players everywhere are loading in without even adjusting their settings. If you want to get ahead of the competition, it’s as easy as opening your options menu.

Playing a game on its best settings is usually the easiest way to stay ahead of the competition, and Black Ops Cold War is no exception. With these optimizations, players will find their gameplay a lot smoother and better feeling.

black ops cold war patch notes(1)
(Source: Activision)

No matter your platform of choice, here’s how to find the best settings for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Best Settings

Field of View

Black Ops Cold War FOV
(Source: Treyarch)

The biggest setting that players will want to alter is their Field of View. Console players will have minimal experience adjusting this slider, but Treyarch is making it so that players can change FOV no matter their platform.

By widening your field of view to 100, players will be able to see far more of the map ahead of them. There’s no advantage to restricting your vision, but you also don’t want to make it too wide.

100 tends to be the sweet spot for many players, but be sure to fiddle around and find your personal preference.

You can similarly adjust the ADS Field of View in the Black Ops Cold War settings. Don’t skip out on this one, as changing the setting from Independent to Affected will drastically affect your gameplay.

Those who change their Field of View will also want to play on Affected ADS. This is because, on Independent, your FOV resets to 80 when aiming down sights.

Playing on Affected will make it appear as though your gun has less recoil and help players aim more accurately.

Stick Sensitivity

Black Ops Cold War Stick Sensitivity
(Source: Treyarch)

Those playing on PC can disregard this one, but it’s essential for controller players out there. Under Horizontal and Vertical Stick Sensitivity, players can change how fast they’re able to control their Operator.

Obviously, in an ideal world, you’d want to dial this all the way up to maximum, but that proves almost impossible to control. Optimally, you may want to leave this around 7 but take it as high as you feel comfortable playing at.

Remember, it’s important to have control of very minute movements too. When it comes to ADS Stick Sensitivity, you can even press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox), in order to alter this setting down to the decimals.

We’d recommend a setting of 0.75, but again feel free to adjust to your comfort level.

Colorblind Modes

Cold War Colorbling Settings
(Source: Treyarch)

This is a bit of an odd change, but it’s one that’s tremendously helpful in-game. In Black Ops Cold War, one of the best settings to change is in Colorblind Modes.

Here, Treyarch allows users to adjust various colors in the game for those who are colorblind. But what it allows us to do is change the enemy colors to something that really pops out.

YouTuber Speros suggests playing on Tritanopia Colorblind Type and adjusting the enemy color to bright pink. This will make it very easy to pick out enemies, thanks to a pink health bar and name above their heads.

This is especially useful, seeing as players have been complaining about Black Ops Cold War’s lack of visibility.

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Motion Blur

black ops cold war motion blur
(Source: Treyarch)

Motion Blur is something that needs to be taken out of every competitive online game. The setting aims to make things look a little smoother, in particular at lower frame rates.

It also resembles our eyes blurring when moving fast. But turning Motion Blur off will help players pick out enemies, even when moving the camera.

Stick Min/Max Input Threshold

cold war deadzone
(Source: Treyarch)

Those familiar with Modern Warfare and Warzone will recognize these niche settings as being called Deadzone. Effectively, it controls just how much input is needed in order for a stick to trigger movement.

Adjust this to 5 for both sticks’ Min Input Threshold. This should allow your stick to react to even more minute movements, allowing you to have the edge in gunplay, particularly at long range.

If you’re having hardware issues, such as stick drift, bump up the Min Input threshold until drift is no longer a problem. However, obviously, for optimal gameplay, try to find a controller with no drift whatsoever.

Interestingly, PlayStation 5 players will also benefit from the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback which is tuned for every weapon in Cold War.

Audio Presets

Cold War Audio Presets
(Source: Treyarch)

One of the best settings to adjust in Black Ops Cold War is the Audio Presets. By changing this setting from Treyarch Mix to High Boost, you’re putting yourself at a big advantage.

This is because, despite Treyarch making big changes since the Black Ops Cold War Beta, footsteps are still not the clearest. Playing on High Boost should serve to make footsteps just that bit more audible, and it could lead to you getting kills that you otherwise would have missed.

Now that Black Ops Cold War is finally here, the game is already causing issues. Some Black Ops Cold War players are reporting negative COD Points balances.

This isn’t the only issue, however, as some common Black Ops Cold War errors are also cropping up. If you’re just waking up to the new release, here’s how to get started with unlocking all Operators in Black Ops Cold War.

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