The Sakin MG38 has very high damage and low recoil, making it one of the best long-range guns in Warzone 2! Here’s the best Sakin MG38 loadout:

Attachment Tuning How to Unlock
TY-LR8 (Muzzle)+0.57 ↑
+0.19 →
SA-B 50 Level 17
20″ Bruen Silver Series Barrel (Barrel)+0.36 ↑
-0.32 ←
Sakin MG38 Level 16
Schlager 3.4x (Optic)-1.58 ↓
-1.50 →
RAPP H Level 12
Bruen Warrior LMG (Underbarrel)+0.62 ↑
+0.31 →
Sakin MG38 Level 12
7.62 High Velocity (Ammunition)+0.23 ↑
-3.19 ←
Kastov 762 Level 13
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Best Sakin MG Loaodut Warzone 2 Season 2
This Sakin MG38 build is up to date following the Warzone 2 Season 6 update on September 27, 2023.

Meta Sakin MG38 Attachments in Warzone 2

The TY-LR8 is our muzzle of choice for the Sakin MG38, as it reduces horizontal recoil by 27% and vertical recoil by 7%. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, the SA Leveler 55 or Bore-490 are also great muzzles for his LMG!

The 20″ Bruen Silver Series Barrel is by far the best Sakin MG38 barrel. It increases your bullet velocity by 19.8% and also reduces recoil by 9%. However, it slows down your ADS speed and movement slightly.

We recommend using the Schlager 3.4x optic on any long-range gun in Warzone 2. However, if you prefer lower magnification, then the Aim OP-V4 is a great sight for closer ranges.

The Bruen Warrior LMG provides an additional 4.5% vertical and horizontal recoil reduction at the cost of just 20ms additional ADS time, which is barely even noticeable in-game.

Finally, the 7.62 High Velocity ammunition increases the Sakin MG38’s bullet velocity by a huge 44%, making it a must-have attachment!

Sakin MG38 Warzone 2

Best Secondary Weapon for Sakin MG38 Loadout

Alongside the Sakin MG38, you’ll want to use a mobile SMG that can also quickly kill enemies in close-quarters combat:

Best Perks & Equipment for Sakin MG38 Loadout

The following perks and equipment are the best ones to use in your Sakin MG38 loadout:

  • Perk 1: Overkill
  • Perk 2: Bomb Squad
  • Perk 3: Fast Hands
  • Perk 4: Ghost
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex

Best Sakin MG38 Alternatives in Warzone 2

The best alternatives for the Sakin MG38 are other high damage LMGs and assault rifles:

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