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Best Reticles in Warzone for Cold War Guns – Cleanest Crosshairs Guide

Find out the best reticles in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to make sure you never miss your shots.

Having a clean sight picture in Call of Duty is vital to make sure that you hit all of your shots. While some guns have good ironsights, others need an optic to improve target acquisition and tracking.

Most Warzone players have decided that the Blue Dot reticle is best for Modern Warfare guns. However, Cold War guns don’t have the Blue Dot.

Therefore, players using popular weapons like the FFAR and AUG have to pick a different crosshair. Find out the best reticles for cold War guns in Warzone.

Warzone Airport

Best Crosshairs for Cold War Guns in Warzone

There are two different sets of reticles available for cold War guns in Warzone – one for short-range guns and another for longer-range scopes with over 2x zoom.

More reticles could be on the way to Warzone soon too, though. A dataminer has found that Zombies camos could be available in Warzone soon, so players can expect to be able to use Zombies reticles too.

Best Reticles for Short Range Optics in Warzone

For weapons like the FFAR, you’ll be using a short-range optic like the Microflex LED. These are the two best reticles for these optics in Warzone.

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Crosshair Dot

The best reticle to use for close range sights is the crosshair dot. This gives good visibility thanks to the small amount of clutter and is a much brighter red than the default dot reticle.

Cold War Warzone Best Reticles Crosshair Dot


On the other hand, players could use the Star reticle. This is very easy to see thanks to its bright green color and it also has very little clutter.

Cold War Warzone Best Reticles Star

Best Reticles for Long Range Optics in Warzone

Players who are using weapons like the AUG will most likely be using zoom optics like the Axial Arms 3x scope. These have a different set of reticles, but there are also two best options to choose from in Warzone.

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The Precision reticle is the best for long-range optics in Warzone. It is a minimalist crosshair with thin lines in the center, making it perfect for lining up headshots.

Cold War Warzone Best Reticles Precision

Clean Living

Alternatively, players who prefer a brightly colored reticle should go for the Clean Living. This is like your classic crosshair but has the central part of the reticle is a bright green.

This makes it one of the clearest, and best, reticles for Cold War guns in Warzone.

You can also use these reticles on a scope that has no glint. Find out how to get no scope glint in Warzone.

Cold ar Warzone Best Reticles Clean Living

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