The RB position in EA FC 24 is critical in defensive and offensive scenarios, and here are the best meta ones to use in Ultimate Team.

When looking for players to fill this position, you will need to find those who are quick enough to get from one end of the pitch to the other. Of course, as a defender, they will need to have good defensive stats too.

So, let’s dive into the top 10 best RBs in FC 24 and the players you will want to have in your dream team. However, before we begin, you must know what makes an RB meta in FC 24.

What Makes an RB Meta in EA FC 24?

In EA FC 24, the meta RBs will all have a combination of the following:

  • High Pace
    • 85 or above
  • Good Defending
    • 74 or above
  • Decent Crossing
    • 75 or above
  • Good Passing & Defensive PlayStyles
    • Anticipate, Jockey, Whipped Pass & Relentless etc.

Additionally, some RBs have a high OVR, but due to one or two stats, they would not be deemed meta.

For example, although Lucy Bronze is the highest-rated gold rare RB at 87 OVR, her 73 Pace excludes her from the game’s meta.

Top 10 Best Meta RBs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Here are the top 10 meta RBs in Ultimate Team. In this list, we have only included players purchasable off the market and not from Objectives or SBCs.

This is because these players are only obtainable for a limited time. Additionally, we have created a separate list below for the ICON and Hero RBs.

10Molina FUT ItemNahuel Molina82857882Whipped Pass & Block
9Dodo FUT Item Dodô84907788Rapid
8Lamptey FUT ItemTariq Lamptey84918189Rapid & Quick Step
7Llorente FUT ItemMarcos Llorente84897876Power Shot, Whipped Pass, Rapid, Quick Step & Relentless
6Frimpong FUT ItemJeremie Frimpong83947484Rapid, Flair & Quick Step
5Clauss FUT ItemJonathan Clauss85907888Whipped Pass, Anticipate, Relentless & Long Throw
4Di Lorenzo FUT itemGiovanni Di Lorenzo86868383Pinged Pass, Rapid, First Touch & Relentless
3Walker FUT itemKyle Walker84907977Jockey, Rapid & Long Throw
2Lawrence FUT itemAshley Lawrence86868285Jockey+, Whipped Pass, Technical & Quick Step
1Hakimi FUT itemAchraf Hakimi84927584Whipped Pass & Quick Step

Best ICON & Hero RBs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

If you want an ICON or Hero card to add to your side, look no further than the players we list here. ICONs and Heroes are some of the rarest items in the game and will improve your squad by quite a lot!

5Alex Scott ItemAlex Scott85868480Whipped Pass, Jockey, Anticipate & Relentless
4Lahm Item in UTPhillip Lahm89848687Intercept+, Long Ball Pass, Whipped Pass, Anticipate, Slide Tackle & Press Proven
3Cafu item in UTCafú91908891Relentless+, Trivela & Flair
2Zambrotta item in UTGianluca Zambrotta86878485Relentless+, Block, Slide Tackle & Press Proven
1Carlos Alberto Item in UTCarlos Alberto91898884Anticipate+, Power Shot, Long Ball Pass, Jockey, Intercept & Relentless
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