Season 8 is now available in Clash Royale, and its release has added a brand new challenge to the mix. If you head over to the ‘Events’ tab, you’ll notice the Ram Rider 2v2 Rush challenge waiting for you. You can enter this for free, so here’s the best deck to use for it.

Hence the name of this challenge, Ram Riders will spawn into the arena from both King Towers every now and then. The longer the match goes on for, you can expect to see more Ram Riders spawning together.

Although this is part of the latest season in Clash Royale, it still follows traditional rules. Three losses and you’re out, but you can still reset your losses if you have enough gems to do so. In addition to this, all cards are capped at level 9.

Clash Royale Ram Rider 2V2 Rush Deck

You’ll want to team up with someone you know in the Clash Royale Ram Rider 2v2 Rush challenge. This is because it’s beneficial to have the same deck as your teammate and communicating with them only increased your chances of winning.

Clash Royale Ram Rider 2v2 Rush Challenge Deck

The best deck to use in this challenge has a 4.3 average Elixir cost. You’ll want to consider selecting cards that help to counter the Ram Rider, such as the Mega Knight and Sparky.

The Bowler helps push the Ram Riders back, especially when there’s a few of them. However, you should accompany the Bowler with Sparky as this will protect the Bowler from dying. As for the Electro Wizard and Electro Dragon, these cards can help to stun the Ram Riders, preventing them from dealing as much damage. The Bomber Tower will restrict the Ram Riders from targeting your towers, while also dealing splash damage towards them.

There’s no confirmation as to whether or not a 1v1 variation of this challenge is on the horizon as of yet, but we’ll update you if Supercell announces anything.