Psychic is one of the strongest types in Pokemon GO, and there are plenty of powerful options to choose from. These are the 10 best Psychic Pokemon in the game:

The table below has the strongest Psychic-type attacks for each of these Pokemon. However, if you want to teach them these attacks, you might want to find out how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
MewtwoPokemon GO MewtwoConfusionPsystrike
Hoopa (Unbound)Hoopa Pokemon GO (Unbound)ConfusionPsychic
LunalaLunala Pokemon GOConfusionPsychic
LatiosLatios Pokemon GOZen HeadbuttPsychic
MetagrossMetagross Pokemon GOZen HeadbuttPsychic
Hoopa (Confined)Hoopa Confined Pokemon GOConfusionPsychic
Galarian ArticunoGalarian Articuno Pokemon GOConfusionFuture Sight
MeloettaMeloetta (Aria) Pokemon GOConfusionPsyshock
EspeonEspeon Pokemon GOConfusionPsychic
LatiasLatias Pokemon GOZen HeadbuttPsychic

If you’re running low on Candy to power up these Pokemon, we’ve got just the thing. Here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO!

Hoopa Unbound Pokemon GO Side

Best Psychic-Type Mega Pokemon

The three best Psychic-type Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO are:

These all do huge damage, which is why the lower-damage Mega Slowbro didn’t quite make the cut. However, any Mega Pokemon will give you the great Mega Evolution bonuses in Pokemon GO!

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega AlakazamMega Alakazam Pokemon GOPsycho CutPsychic
Mega LatiosMega Latios Pokemon GOZen HeadbuttPsychic
Mega LatiasMega Latias Pokemon GOZen HeadbuttPsychic

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Mega Alakazam

What Is Psychic Super Effective Against in Pokemon GO?

Psychic-type attacks are effective or not very effective against the following types:

Super EffectiveNot Very Effective
Dark (Double Resisted)

Pokemon GO Psychic-Type Weaknesses & Resistances

Psychic-type Pokemon resist damage of two other types but are weak to three types:


While Psychic may be one of the strongest types in the game, it is always handy to have strong Pokemon of every type. Here are the best Pokemon of each type in Pokemon GO:

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