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Best Pokemon Unite Held Items to Upgrade First

Pokemon Unite’s Held Items are game-changing tools to help you dominate – here are the ones you should upgrade first!

One of the first things that will help you overcome the competition in Pokemon Unite is the addition of Held Items. Shortly after beginning playing the popular MOBA, you’ll be able to equip new Held Items to each Pokemon.

There are 16 Held Items in all, and players won’t be able to level them all up easily. After all, resources are very limited in-game, unless you shell out some cash.

And it’s this mechanic that has many players asking whether or not Pokemon Unite is Pay to Win!

But even without paying money, you’ll be able to upgrade a handful of Held Items significantly. So which ones are worth your time?

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pokemon unite
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Best Pokemon Unite Items

Of course, some Pokemon Unite unlocks are more situational than others, but we’ve found the best Held Items for you to upgrade.

When it comes to spending your hard-earned Item Enhancers, you’ll want to save them for the items that really matter. Make sure to convert all your spare Aeos Tickets into Item Enhancers in the store for maximum upgrade potential too.

Then, we recommend focussing on the following items when you go to upgrade your loadout. Bear in mind that all stats are taken from the Level 30 version of the item:

Float Stone


+24 Attack, +120 Movement Speed. Increases Movement Speed by 20% when not in combat.

At Level 30, Float Stone increases your stats dramatically, including the all-important Movement Speed. Even at lower levels, the Float Stone will boost your speed significantly, allowing your to outrun enemies and zoom around the map.

On top of that, the additional Attack damage works on every Pokemon, as your Basic Attacks will get a nice boost.

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Muscle Band

Pokemon Unite Muscle band

+15 Attack, +7.5 Attack Speed. When Basic Attacks hit, the damage is increased by 3% of the enemy’s remaining HP.

Muscle Band is one of the most popular Held Items in Pokemon Unite and a great one to upgrade. Boosting your Attack Speed will allow you to use your special third attack bonus, and will overall just really help your damage output.

Of course, Muscle Band works best on Normal Attack-based Pokemon, rather than Special Attackers.

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Scope Lens


+6% Crit Hit Rate, + 12% Crit Hit Damage. Increases the damage of Basic Attack Crit Hits. The higher the Pokemon’s Attack, the more the damage increases.

If you prefer using Pokemon that benefit from high Crit Rates such as Absol or Machamp, Scope Lens is one of the best items in the game. Upgrade this item and you’ll see a lot more Critical Hits, and some extremely easy kills for Jungler roles.

However, Scope Lens isn’t a great pick for Defenders or Support mains in general, so definitely don’t take this one as an all-round option.

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Shell Bell

Pokemon Unite Shell Bell

+24 Special Attack, +4.5% Cooldown Reduction. When the Pokemon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 75 HP. The higher the Pokemon’s Special Attack, the more HP it recovers.

Shell Bell is a great option for Special Attackers like Gardevoir or Wigglytuff, as it’ll keep you healed during a fight. On top of that, you’ll be outputting more damage and getting to use your moves faster too!

It’s an easy-to-understand item and a definite no-brainer if you’re playing a Special Attacker in Pokemon Unite

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