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Pokemon GO – Best Pokemon for Great League

Players have long been looking for the best teams in competitive battles for Pokemon GO. Luckily, with the meta being in a stable place, we can finally talk about the best pokemon for Great League.

With Pokemon GO being out for several years now, players have amassed a significant number of pokemon, with some of them being quite strong. Many players are now looking to get into competitive battling in Pokemon GO.

And, just like in most multiplayer games, the developers set a meta in place to keep the game in a balanced state. That also means some Pokemons are better than others in battles. Here are the best pokemon you can get for your first hurdle, the Great League.

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Best Pokemon For Great League IN Pokemon Go

Best Great League Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The Great League is one of the first leagues you will have access to when you first start playing Pokemon GO. The great league inhibits pokemon of over 1500 CP from participating in battles. This gives “weaker” pokemon a chance to shine.

The best Pokemon for competitive battling in Pokemon GO are often ones with very few weaknesses and can cover a lot of moves. For example, pokemon that can learn the elemental punches are very valuable.

The Pokemon will be split into three categories, as each should serve a different purpose in your team.

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Opener Pokemon

Opener Pokemon is the first pokemon you send in when the battle starts. They typically have very few counters and two coverage moves that attack the most popular meta Pokemon, making them ideal to lead and do as much damage as possible.

Azumarill (Water/Fairy)

  • Quick Move: Bubble
  • Charge Moves: Hydro Pump, Play Rough
  • Strong VS: Fire, Water, Dragon, Ice, Fighting, Dark, Bug
  • Weak VS: Grass, Poison, Electric

Trevenant (Grass/Ghost)

  • Quick Move: Shadow Claw
  • Charge Moves: Shadow Ball, Seed bomb
  • Strong VS: Normal, Fighting, Water, Ground, Grass, Electric
  • Weak VS: Fire, Flying, Dark, Ice, Ghost

Medicham (Fighting/Psychic)

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge Moves: Ice Punch, Psychic
  • Strong VS: Rock, Fighting
  • Weak VS: Flying, Fairy, Ghost
Medicham Best Moves Pokemon GO Great League

Nidoqueen (Poison, Ground)

  • Quick Move: Poison Jab
  • Charge Moves: Poison Fang, Earth Power
  • Strong VS: Fighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Fairy
  • Weak VS: Water, Ground, Psychic, Ice

Scrafty (Fighting, Dark)

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge Moves: Foul Play, Power-up Punch
  • Strong VS: Ghost, Rock, Psychic, Dark
  • Weak VS: Fairy, Fighting, Flying

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Switch Pokemon

Switch Pokemon cover the few niche cases in which your opponent has an unexpected/off-meta opener. They also serve to keep up the pressure after your opener faints. They are often equipped with slower charging moves that do a lot of damage.

Sableye (Ghost/Dark)

  • Quick Move: Shadow Claw
  • Charge Moves: Foul Play, Return
  • Strong VS: Psychic, Normal, Poison, Flying
  • Weak VS: Fairy

Walrein (Ice/Water)

  • Quick Move: Powder Snow
  • Charge Moves: Icicle Spear, Earthquake
  • Strong VS: Ice, Water, Dragon
  • Weak VS: Electric, Grass, Rock, Fighting
Walrein Best Moves Great League

Drapion (Dark/Poison)

  • Quick Move: Poison Sting
  • Charge Moves: Crunch/Sludge Bomb
  • Strong VS: Poison, Ghost, Grass, Dark, Psychic, Fairy
  • Weak VS: Ground

Vigoroth (Normal/Fighting)

  • Quick Move: Counter
  • Charge Moves: Body Slam/Bulldoze
  • Strong VS: Most typings except ghost
  • Weak VS: Ghost

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Closer Pokemon

Finally, we have the closer pokemon. The closer pokemon are monsters with a highly devastating attack meant to be one and done. They are usually the last resort but can be very strong in favorable match-ups.

Altaria (Dragon/Flying)

  • Quick Move: Dragon Breath
  • Charge Moves: Sky Attack/Moon Blast
  • Strong VS: Ground, Grass, Water, Fighting, Fire, Bug
  • Weak VS: Dragon, Ice, Fairy

Galarian Stunfisk (Ground/Steel)

  • Quick Move: Mud Shot
  • Charge Moves: Rock Slide/Earthquake
  • Strong VS: Poison, Electric, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug
  • Weak VS: Fire, Fighting, Ground, Water
Pokemon Go Great League Galarian Stunfisk Moves

Skarmory (Flying/Steel)

  • Quick Move: Air Slash
  • Charge Moves: Brave Bird/Sky Attack
  • Strong VS: Poison, Grass, Psychic, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug, Ground
  • Weak VS: Fire, Electric

A combination of any of the above pokemon will undoubtedly help you climb the ranks of the great league fast and reap your sweet rewards.

Also, don’t forget to take part in the Element Cup! Here are the best pokemon you can use to win in the new PvP event.

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