The Master Premier is where the most powerful non-Legendary Pokemon battle it out in Pokemon GO. This is because Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beast Pokemon are not allowed in the competition!

The best team to use in the Pokemon GO Master Premier is:

  • Dragonite
  • Florges
  • Metagross

Dragonite is an extremely powerful option as it is arguably the best non-Legendary Pokemon in the game – that’s why you should use it as your lead Pokemon. Meanwhile, Florges and Metagross provide some excellent damage output and defensive stability!

In addition to this powerful trio, there are other Pokemon that can get you wins in the Master Premier. We’ve included the top 10 choices as well as their strongest attacks in the table below.

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
DragoniteDragonite Pokemon GODragon/FlyingDragon BreathDragon Claw
FlorgesFlorges (Blue) Pokemon GOFairyFairy WindDisarming Voice
MetagrossMetagross Pokemon GOSteel/PsychicBullet PunchMeteor Mash
GarchompGarchomp Pokemon GODragon/GroundMud ShotEarth Power
GyaradosGyarados Pokemon GOWater/FlyingDragon BreathAqua Tail
MamoswinePokemon GO MamoswineIce/GroundPowder SnowAvalanche
High Horsepower
UrsalunaUrsaluna Pokemon GOGround/NormalTackleHigh Horsepower
Thunder Punch
ExcadrillExcadrill Pokemon GOGround/SteelMud ShotDrill Run
Rock Slide
Kommo-oKommo-o Pokemon GODragon/FightingDragon TailClose Combat
Dragon Claw
SnorlaxSnorlax Pokemon GONormalLickBody Slam

All of these Pokemon are strong enough to win battles and climb up the ranks in the GO Battle League. Hopefully, they can help you earn all of the GO Battle League rewards this season!

Best Master Premier Cup Pokemon

Pokemon GO Master Premier Rules

Pokemon trainers entering the Master Premier must select their battle teams according to the following two rules:

  • There is no CP limit
  • The following kinds of Pokemon are banned:
    • Legendary Pokemon
    • Mythical Pokemon
    • Ultra Beasts

If you’re unsure which Pokemon fall into these categories, you’ll want to refer to the list of every Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast in Pokemon GO!

Battle League Schedule for Pokemon GO Season 10 Rising Heroes

When is the Master Premier? Start & End Date

The Master Premier will be active from June 29 to July 6, 2023, according to the Season of Hidden Gems GO Battle League schedule.

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