If you want to win your matchups in the Pokemon GO Holiday Cup: Great League Edition, this is the best team for battling!

The holiday season is here, and the Pokemon GO Battle League is celebrating that with a limited-time competition where only the most festive Pokemon can be used!

So, without further ado, here are the best Pokemon that you can use in the Holiday Cup: Great League Edition!

Pokemon GO Delibird Obstagoon Battle

Best Pokemon Team to Use in the Holiday Cup: Great League Edition

The best team to use in the Pokemon GO Holiday Cup: Great League Edition is Aurorus, Altaria, and Dubwool.

Of course, using this trio of Pokemon doesn’t guarantee you’ll win all of your battles, but it will give you the best chance!

If you don’t have the best choices, don’t worry, there are plenty more powerful Pokemon to choose from. These are our top 10 picks, as well as their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
AurorusAurorus Pokemon GORock/IcePowder SnowWeather Ball (Ice)
Meteor Beam
DubwoolDubwool Pokemon GONormalDouble KickBody Slam 
LanturnLanturn Pokemon GOWater/ElectricWater GunSurf 
AltariaAltaria Pokemon GODragon/FlyingDragon BreathSky Attack
TogedemaruTogedemaru Pokemon GOElectric/SteelThunder ShockWild Charge
Gyro Ball
ObstagoonObstagoon Pokemon GODark/NormalCounterNight Slash
Cross Chop
Alolan GravelerAlolan Graveler Pokemon GORock/ElectricVolt SwitchStone Edge
Rock Blast
VigorothVigoroth Pokemon GONormalCounterBody Slam
Pachirisu (XL)Pokemon GO PachirisuElectricVolt SwitchThunder Punch
Castform (Snowy)Castform Snowy Pokemon GOIcePowder SnowWeather Ball (Ice)
Ice Beam

If you need to teach your Pokemon any of these attacks, find out how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO.

Also, make sure you know the fastest way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power up these Pokemon for the GO Battle League!

Pokemon GO Holiday Cup: Great League Edition Rules

  • All Pokemon must be 1500 CP or less
  • Only Pokemon of the following types can be used:
    • Normal
    • Grass
    • Electric
    • Ice
    • Flying
    • Ghost

While this limits which Pokemon you can use, there are still plenty more Pokemon you can try. Be sure to experiment with your lineup too – choosing unexpected Pokemon could help you earn the great new seasonal Battle League rewards!

Pokemon GO Battle Snow

When is the Holiday Cup: Great League Edition?

According to the Pokemon GO Battle League schedule for Season 9: Mythical Wishes, the Holiday Cup: Great League Edition starts on December 22, 2022.

It will be active for a whole week until the next GO Battle League rotation on December 29.

The other competition that will be active during this week is the Ultra League. Here’s the best Ultra League battle team in Pokemon GO in case you fancy trying that out instead!

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