The best battle team to use in the Pokemon GO Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition is Registeel, Pelipper, and Sableye.

This team features some of the meta picks and is well-equipped to counter almost any Pokemon that your opponent could be using!

While these three Pokemon are our choices to use on your battle team, there are also plenty more Pokemon that can take you to victory in the Hoenn Cup.

In the table below, we’ve included our top 10 picks to use in the Pokemon GO Hoenn Cup as well as their strongest attacks. Just make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can teach your Pokemon these attacks:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
RegisteelRegisteel Pokemon GOSteelLock OnFocus Blast
Zap Cannon*
PelipperPelipper Pokemon GOWater/FlyingWing AttackWeather Ball (Water)
Sableye (XL)Pokemon GO SableyeDark/GhostShadow ClawFoul Play
Power Gem
Medicham (XL)Medicham Pokemon GOFighting/PsychicCounterPower-Up Punch
Ice Punch
RegirockRegirock Pokemon GORockLock OnStone Edge
Focus Blast
AltariaAltaria Pokemon GODragon/FlyingDragon BreathSky Attack
SwampertSwampert Pokemon GOWater/GroundMud ShotHydro Cannon*
Deoxys (Defense)Deoxys (Defense Forme)PsychicCounterPsycho Boost
MawileMawile Pokemon GOSteel/FairyFairy WindIron Head
Play Rough
WhiscashWhiscash Pokemon GOWater/GroundMud ShotMud Bomb

Before you take any of these Pokemon into battle, you will want to get them as close to the 1500 CP limit as possible. Here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power up your Pokemon in a pinch!

Additionally, any Pokemon with an (XL) next to their names needs XL Candy to reach 1500 CP. Find out how to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power up these Pokemon for the Hoenn Cup.

Registeel Pelipper Sableye Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition Rules

The Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition has two rules which determine which Pokemon you can select. They are:

  • Pokemon must be 1500 CP or below to be selected
  • Only Pokemon will a Pokedex number of #252 to #386 can be selected

Make sure to experiment with teams in the Hoenn Cup. An unexpected lineup could throw your opponent off and help you win.

The more wins you get, the more of the great Pokemon GO Battle League Season 9 rewards you can earn!

Registeel Cave Pokemon GO

When is the Pokemon GO Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition? Start & End Date

The Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition is running from February 23 to March 1, 2023. It will be active during the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global event.

The other GO Battle League competition that is active during this week is the Master League: Mega Edition.

If you fancy giving that a go as well, here are the best Pokemon for the Master League: Mega Edition!

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