If you want to succeed in the Pokemon GO Battle League Halloween Cup, you’ll need to use the best team for it!

It’s spooky season and Pokemon GO is celebrating with an event as well as the return of the Halloween Cup in the GO Battle League.

As only the creepiest Pokemon are allowed to take part, making a team for this competition can be tough. Luckily, we’ve got a list of the best Pokemon to use as well as their strongest attacks for you!

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup Battle

Best Pokemon Team to Use in the Halloween Cup

The best Pokemon to use in the Halloween Cup are Toxapex, Froslass, and Mandibuzz. However, there are plenty of other great options for you to try.

If you don’t have one already, here’s how to get Toxapex in Pokemon GO.

Here are the top 10 Pokemon to use:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
ToxapexToxapex Pokemon GOPoison/WaterPoison JabBrine
Sludge Wave
MandibuzzMandibuzz Pokemon GODark/FlyingAir SlashAerial Ace
Foul Play
FroslassFroslass Pokemon GOIce/GhostPowder SnowAvalanche
Shadow Ball
GolbatGolbat Pokemon GOPoison/FlyingWing AttackPoison Fang
Shadow Ball
Galarian WeezingGalarian Weezing Pokemon GOPoison/FairyFairy WindOverheat
NidoqueenNidoqueen Pokemon GOPoison/GroundPoison JabPoison Fang
Earth Power
Wormadam - Trash (XL)Wormadam Trash Pokemon GOBug/SteelConfusionIron Head
Bug Buzz
Azumarill (XL)Azumarill Pokemon GOWater/FairyBubbleIce Beam
Play Rough
ForretressForretress Pokemon GOBug/SteelBug BiteMirror Shot
Hisuian QwilfishHisuian Qwilfish Pokemon GODark/PoisonPoison JabAqua Tail
Shadow Ball

Every Pokemon with an XL next to them requires XL Candy to get up to the CP limit. Here are the fastest ways to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO!

You’ll also want to teach your Pokemon the most powerful attacks we’ve listed. Here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can do that.

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup Best Battle Team

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup Rules

There are two rules for the Halloween Cup that limit the CP and type of the Pokemon you can use:

  • Pokemon must be 1500 CP or below
  • Only Pokemon of these types are eligible:
    • Bug
    • Dark
    • Fairy
    • Ghost
    • Poison

While this limits your choices somewhat, there are still plenty of Pokemon you can pick from.

Be sure to experiment with your team so that you can win more battles and earn all of the GO Battle League rewards in the Season of Light.

Pokemon GO Halloween Cup Start & End Date

The Halloween Cup will be in the GO Battle League from October 20 – 27, 2022. This is to coincide with the Pokemon GO Halloween event.

The other GO Battle League competition at this time is the Great League. Here is the best Great League Pokemon team in case you want to have a go at that too!

Check out the full Pokemon GO Season of Light Battle League schedule to see the dates of upcoming competitions.