PlayStyles in EA FC 24 are an essential part of the game, giving players added boosts to their abilities, and here is a tier list showcasing the best!

Whether you want to improve your attack ability or solidify your defense, there will likely be a PlayStyle or PlayStyle+ to help you. This feature can be found in all EA FC 24 modes.

So, let’s dive in and do a complete tier list of which PlayStyles you should look for.

Best PlayStyles Tier List in EA FC 24

S is the highest category in this tier list, meaning all PlayStyles here are considered some of the best and most important in EA FC 24.

It is also worth noting that every PlayStyle will significantly boost your player and be effective in-game. However, our rankings are based on how important they are to have in your team:

S Tier•Finesse Shot
•Dead Ball
A Tier•Trickster
•Power Shot
•Slide Tackle
•Pinged Pass
•Tika Taka
•Whipped Pass
•Incisive Pass
B Tier•Block
•Quick Step
•Press Proven
•First Touch
C Tier•Chip Shot
•Power Header
•Long Ball Pass
D Tier•Long Throw
best playstyles ea fc 24 tier list


Finesse Shot

The Finesse Shot+ is one of the best PlayStyles in EA FC 24, as players with this trait can score powerful curved shots from most angles.

Their shots will have increased curve, additional power and will be difficult for ‘keepers to get their hands on.

  • Finesse Shot+ Players
    • Gerd Müller (ICON & Hero)
    • Karim Benzema (Al Ittihad & France)
    • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool & Egypt)
    • Raúl (ICON & Spain)
    • Alessandro Del Piero (ICON & Italy)
    • Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave & USA)
    • Kenny Dalglish (ICON & Scotland)
    • Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid & France)
    • Antonio Di Natale (Hero & Italy)
    • Heung Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur & South Korea)
    • Fernando Torres (ICON & Spain)
    • Gianfranco Zola (ICON & Italy)
    • Robert Pirès (ICON & France)
    • Sami Al-Jaber (Hero & Saudi Arabia)

Check out this in-depth explanation of the Finesse Shot PlayStyle from EA FC 24 content creator Nepenthez:

Dead Ball

The Dead Ball PlayStyle+ is powerful as it can transform free-kick situations into more favorable scoring opportunities. Additionally, corners will be hit at much more speed, making it difficult for defenders to clear the ball.

This gives players a longer trajectory line, giving more information on where the ball will travel. A free kick from around 25 yards out or below will almost be like taking a penalty.

This makes it one of the best PlayStyles in EA FC 24 as it can provide more ways for you to score.

  • Dead Ball+ Players
    • Zico (ICON & Brazil)
    • Andrea Pirlo (ICON & Italy)
    • Kelly Smith (ICON & England)
    • Ronald Koeman (ICON & Netherlands)
    • David Beckham (ICON & England)
    • James Maddison (Tottenham Hotspur & England)
    • Sherida Spitse (Ajax & Netherlands)
    • Dominik Szoboszlai (Liverpool & Hungary)
    • James Ward-Prowse (West Ham & England)

Once again, this clip from Nepenthez shows off the Dead Ball+ PlayStyle in action:


When it comes to the best defensive PlayStyles in EA FC 24, Anticipate is right up there. Standing tackles are one of the most common ways to retrieve the ball, boosting the chances that you win your duels.

Players with this trait can also directly stop the ball at their feet, preventing it from rebounding straight to the opposition after a successful tackle.

  • Anticipate+ Players
    • Carlos Alberto (ICON & Brazil)
    • Bobby Moore (ICON & England)
    • Mapi León (FC Barcelona & Spain)
    • Wendie Renard (OL & France)
    • Rio Ferdinand (ICON & England)
    • Laurent Blanc (ICON & France)
    • Ricardo Carvalho (Hero & Portugal)
    • Vincent Kompany (Hero & Belgium)
    • Ledley King (Hero & England)
    • Raphaël Varane (Manchester United & France)
    • Thiago Silva (Chelsea & Brazil)
    • Amanda Ilestedt (Arsenal & Sweden)
    • Paulina Dudek (PSG & Poland)

Here is a showcase of the Anticipate PlayStyle:


Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24 is one of the meta ways to dribble around your opponent. The Technical PlayStyle boosts these mechanics, making those with this trait run faster while using it.

Additionally, they can make wide turns with more precision, allowing you a better chance of fooling your opponent.

  • Technical+ Players
    • Pelé (ICON & Brazil)
    • Roberto Baggio (ICON & Italy)
    • Aitana Bonmatí (FC Barcelona & Spain)
    • Lionel Messi (Inter Miami & Argentina)
    • George Best (ICON & Northern Ireland)
    • Rivaldo (ICON & Brazil)
    • Hristo Stoichkov (ICON & Bulgaria)
    • Emilio Butragueño (ICON & Spain)
    • Luís Figo (ICON & Portugal)
    • David Ginola (Hero & France)
    • Bernardo Silva (Manchester City & Portugal)
    • Debinha (Kansas City Current & Brazil)
    • Franck Ribery (ICON & France)
    • Paulo Futre (Hero & Portugal)
    • John Barnes (ICON & England)
    • Joe Cole (Hero & England)
    • Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich & England)
    • Aleksandr Mostovoi (Hero & Russia)

Here is a video of the Technical PlayStyle+:


The Jockey PlayStyle+ is another excellent defensive trait. Players with this will move faster while using Sprint Jockey.

This will help you block the space for any potential passes or crosses into the box. Furthermore, if someone gets past you while jockeying, this PlayStyle will transition you back to sprint quicker.

  • Jockey+ Players
    • Ashley Lawrence (Chelsea & Canada)
    • Ashley Cole (ICON & England)
    • Michael Essien (ICON & Ghana)
    • Jules Koundé (FC Barcelona & France)
    • Kathrin Hendrich (Wolfsburg & Germany)
    • Reece James (Chelsea & England)

Finally, here is a look at the Jockey PlayStyle+ in EA FC 24:

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