To the surprise of many, the PlayStation Portal is one of the most anticipated restocks gamers are actively tracking on their favorite retailers.

Almost every major retailer, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and others, is likely to bring this handheld device back in stock.

Join us as we list every tip you need to know to snatch that PS Portal from your preferred retailer!

Tips & Tricks for Every Retailer

Every retailer has different restock schedules and practices. For this reason, we will list all major retailers below and a list of individual tricks for each:


PlayStation Portal at Amazon

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to get your Portal from Amazon:

  1. The best thing you can do for Amazon is keep vigilant in the early hours of the day, usually before noon. Amazon tends to drop gaming hardware before 1 PM EST at the latest.
    • The best way to get an immediate alert when restocks happen is by using a PlayStation Portal restock tracker.
    • This drop schedule is not written in stone of course, but it is certainly a known trend with the retailer.
  1. Amazon restocks, especially for popular hardware like the PlayStation Portal, go fast! You can expedite your checkout process by ensuring you are logged in to your account.
    • Aside from being logged in, make sure you have all your address and payment details already entered on your account for an easier checkout.
  2. Avoid the mobile app; use a computer if possible. It is easier to navigate this way, especially when checkout problems occur.
  3. A Prime Membership is not yet a requirement to get this accessory. However, Amazon did limit some PS5 drops to Prime members only. However unlikely, having this tip in mind could prove helpful in case Amazon takes that route.
    • If Amazon changes this policy, this article will be updated to reflect this information.

Some lucky gamers have reported success with a recent Amazon drop. However, it seems that for the time being, delivery times are scheduled for February. Usually, those delivery times are shortened.

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Best Buy

  • Product Page Link: PlayStation Portal at Best Buy
  • Latest Restock: January 27, 2024 (small restocks on certain stores only)
  • Next Expected Restock: Surprise drops around 1 AM ET with better success rates than previous ones. Additioanally, some surprise morning restocks are occurring in certain stores.
  • Weekly Best Buy Best Tips & Tricks
PlayStation Portal at Best Buy

Best Buy seems to have restocked PS Portal several times. Yet, aside from its first time, their other online drops have not proven to be successful until recently.

For the past few days, Best Buy has restocked PlayStation Portal online regionally for several of its stores and many of these drops have resulted in a reasonable amount of successful purchases.

Despite all this, some avid gamers have discovered there is a trick to getting a PlayStation Portal via Best Buy’s live chat support.

This is currently one of the easiest ways to get a unit. However, it is not a guaranteed method and could vary depending on location and availability. The best time to try this trick is right after a restock.

Best Buy January Restocks PlayStation Portal

If you want to try your luck at Best Buy, here are some useful tips:

  1. First, try to use Best Buy’s live chat ordering trick to get your PlayStation Portal, and if this doesn’t work, you can try some of the tips below.
    • This trick consists of contacting Best Buy’s live chat from their support page and asking the agent for help purchasing an item. Then, provide them with the SKU (6562576) of the PlayStation Portal.
My Conversation With Best Buy Agent !
byu/Grand-Philosophy-343 inPlaystationPortal
  1. Check out the updated queue reservation system Best Buy is using for its PlayStation Portal restocks.
    • Understanding how checkout works will make this process easier for you during restocks, increasing your odds of landing a unit.
  2. For conventional restocks, even though the hour might be inconvenient for many, most of Best Buy’s restocks have been occurring at 1 AM ET. So, this is the time you will have to be on alert for this retailer.
  3. Just as with any other retailer, having your account already signed up with all your shipping and payment details is a must.
  4. If you are having checkout issues, try Apple Pay. This trick worked before with consoles when they were constantly out of stock, and some gamers are reporting success once again with the Portal.
  1. Best Buy could ask for a Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) code while going through checkout. For this reason, it is ideal that you use a web browser on a PC and have your phone nearby and ready to receive the code.
    • Ideally, checking the 2FA settings on your Best Buy account would be good. We will leave Best Buy’s 2FA support page here for further information.


PlayStation Portal at Target

Aside from the usual in-store restocks, Target hosted a general online PS Portal restock. Sadly, that drop ended in almost no verifiable purchases.

As usual, the retailer has restocked a few units in several of their stores in the early morning. Here are some tips to get a PlayStation Portal in-store after the early morning restocks:

  1. The trick with Target is finding a store that shows “Limited stock” on their PlayStation Portal product page.
    • This message is usually in orange below the pricing and delivery options. As well, it is generally accompanied by a disclaimer stating the item is not eligible for pickup at the store. Despite that message, this is exactly the location you are looking for!
PlayStation Portal Target Limited Stock
  1. Do not give up if your local store does not have Portal units available! Use the “Check other stores” option to find another location with limited stock.
Check Other Stores Target
  1. Once you have located one of these stores, you have two options:
    • Call the location to get your unit reserved for in-store pickup.
      • We suggest you take this approach first since you can try to reserve your unit before heading to the location, and this could be the difference between getting one or not.
    • Directly go to the store and speak with a representative so they can check warehouse stock for you.
      • This could be a good approach if the store is nearby and you cannot contact them by phone.


PlayStation Portal at GameStop

GameStop stock would vary significantly from store to store. In fact, many gamers have found that their store showed no available inventory online, and to their surprise, they were able to get one in-store still.

Here is everything you need to know to get a PS Portal in-store (the best method) at GameStop:

  1. Call your GameStop store in advance and verify if they have stock available. Even if the website shows there is no stock, still give that store a call. Sometimes, there is one or two left.
    • You can find the phone number of GameStop stores near you using the store locator.
  2. It is recommended that you have a Pro Membership. This is not necessary for all stores, but many gamers have reported they were asked to have a membership to purchase this item.
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  1. Try calling GameStops a bit further from densely populated cities and towns.
    • You can use the store locator radius option to look for the ones you deem better options.
    • Always try luck with the ones closer to you first.
    • Pro Tip: If a store tells you they are out of stock, ask them when they expect their next shipment to understand better when to check again.
  2. Once a staff member confirms they have units available, kindly ask if they can reserve one for you as you drive to the location.
    • This can make a massive difference! The PS Portal is in high demand, and during your driving time, someone can walk up and snatch the last remaining inventory.
    • Note that not all stores will be able to keep the item for you, so be patient and kind to the employees!
  3. Do not wait once you find a GameStop that has PlayStation Portal stock. Drive there as soon as possible to complete your purchase.
GameStop Store Finder Radius Tool

PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Portal at PS Direct

After its restocks on January 11 and January 18, PS Direct revealed its next PlayStation Portal restock will happen in early February.

Considering there was no official date given for the mid-December or the January restocks before they dropped, it is unlikely we will get a set date before this upcoming drop happens.

However, since this restock is scheduled early in the month, it is expected to happen between February 1 and February 10, around 1 PM and 3 PM ET.

For this retailer, there are a couple of tips that can help you secure a PS Portal:

  1. As early February dates (Feb 1 onwards) approach, check the PS Portal product page on PlayStation Direct daily to check on stock. The ideal time to do this is between 1 PM and 3 PM ET.
  2. Make sure you are signed in to your PlayStation account.
    • Additionally, check that your account has the correct shipping and billing address along with a proper and valid payment method.
  3. Check the PlayStation Direct Portal product page daily during this and next week for possible restocks.
    • Sony promised news in early December, so we will likely see a confirmed date for a restock or a surprise drop soon.
PlayStation Portal PS Direct Early February Restock Announced


Walmart has made small batches of PlayStation Portal available for their customers. However, this is just flickering stock that lasts mere minutes.

As well, it is good to note that these restocks happened at 10 PM ET, so you might want to keep vigilant at night.

If you want to get your unit from Walmart, your best bet is to:

  1. Act to restocks immediately. Walmart stock is usually pretty limited and will go in minutes, if not seconds.
  2. Have your account ready with up-to-date billing and shipping information.
PlayStation Portal Walmart Product Page
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