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Best Perks To Use in Warzone – Meta Perk Loadout in Season 5

Find out the best perks to use in Warzone Season 5! The latest update has really changed the Perk meta in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Perks are a very underrated part of every Warzone loadout and picking the right ones can definitely make the difference between a win and a loss in Warzone.

Some are very powerful, while others are almost useless, so you’ll need to know which ones to pick to give you the best chance of being the last squad standing.

But first, make sure you’re using the right weapon loadouts too:

Warzone Season 5

Meta Perk Loadout in Warzone

Perk 1 – E.O.D / Cold Blooded

The best Perk for the first slot in Warzone is E.O.D. This gives you increased protection from all kinds of explosives and is great for keeping you alive longer.

Alternatively, Cold Blooded is now a great option since the Warzone Season 5 update changed how it works. It is now a perfect counter to the overpowered Combat Scout Perk.

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Warzone E.O.D Perk

Warzone Perk 2 – Overkill / Ghost

There are two good options for the Perk you pick in the second slot – Overkill and Ghost.

Overkill is almost essential in Warzone as it lets you put two primary weapons in a loadout drop. Therefore, you’ll want to pick up an Overkill loadout unless you already have at least one good weapon.

Then, most players choose to pick up a Ghost loadout as their second loadout. This is because it keeps them off of the mini-map and heartbeat sensors, making it one of the best Perks in all of Warzone.

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Alternatively, the new Perk called Tempered is also a good option for aggressive players. This is because it lets you armor up quicker.

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Here’s the Warzone Season 5 Tempered Perk explained.

Warzone Ghost Perk

Perk 3 – Combat Scout

Finally, there’s the best Perk in Warzone at the moment. There’s only one pick for the third perk slot because Combat Scout is the most overpowered Perk in Warzone right now.

It essentially gives you wallhacks when used correctly, although Raven will probably nerf it soon. Find out exactly what Combat Scout does in Warzone here.

And those are the best Perks you should use in your Warzone loadout. Which ones will you be picking?

Warzone Combat Scout Perk

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