Players jumping into the Closed Beta of The Finals have had a few issues with frame rate and performance, but the following settings should help boost your FPS and keep the game stable.

As it’s not long until The Finals Closed Beta goes offline, you’ll want to make sure your experience with the game is as enjoyable as possible while you can still play it!

Display & Resolution

  • Window Mode – Fullscreen
  • Resolution – Default (This will be the one that matches your screen size)
  • V-Sync – Disabled
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency – On
  • Resolution Scaling Method – Intel XeSS
  • AMD FSR Quality – Quality


  • Field of View – 110
  • Motion Blur – Disabled

Setting your FOV to the highest value, 110, will increase your peripheral vision, helping you see more of the map.

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Ray Tracing

  • NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination – Static
The Finals Best Graphics Settings


  • Overall Quality Level – Custom
  • View Distance – High
  • Anti-Aliasing – Low
  • Shadows – Low
  • Post-Processing – Low
  • Texture – Low
  • Effects – Low
  • Foliage – Low
  • Shading – Low
  • Global Illumination Resolution – Low

Putting your settings for The Finals down to low will give you the maximum FPS and seems to help visibility too. This is especially the case when it is nighttime, or there is fog.

However, we still recommend setting View Distance to high. This will help you see what is going on across the map without any visual pop-in.


  • Graphics API – Direct X12

Beyond the video settings, everything is up to personal preference. This includes audio volume and custom keybinds.

However, we recommend you go into the audio settings and turn on voice chat if you want to communicate with your teammates. After all, a coordinated team will help you get more wins and unlock all of the Closed Beta Rewards for The Finals!

The Finals Graphics Quality Settings

Of course, the Closed Beta for the Finals is only on PC. But is The Finals coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X?