The new Chasing Legends Special Research for the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global event has three different paths to choose from – Cacnea, Gulpin, or Surskit. Each of these paths has slightly different rewards, so you’ll want to pick the best one for you.

The best path to choose for the Chasing Legends Research in Pokemon GO depends on which Pokemon you want to encounter more of.

For instance, if you choose Cacnea, using Incense will attract more Cacnea, and you’ll earn extra Cacnea encounters throughout the Chasing Legends Research. Meanwhile, if you choose Gulpin or Surskit, you’ll encounter those Pokemon more frequently.

Find out all of the Tasks and Rewards in the Pokemon GO Chasing Legends Research. That way, you’ll know what to do and how to earn everything!

As there are loads of new shiny Pokemon in the GO Tour: Hoenn – Global event, including Cacnea, Gulpin, and Surskit, it is also worth considering this before you make your choice. After all, you’ll want to encounter more of the Pokemon which has your favorite shiny version out of the three.

Pokemon GO Tour Hoenn

All Pokemon GO Chasing Legends Path Differences – Cacnea, Gulpin & Surskit

The different paths in the Pokemon GO Chasing Legends Research determine which Pokemon you will encounter more often as Research rewards and when using Incense:

  • Cacnea Path
    • 3 Cacnea Encounters
    • Increased chance of Incense attracting Cacnea
  • Gulpin Path
    • 3 Gulpin Encounters
    • Increased chance of Incense attracting Gulpin
  • Surskit Path
    • 3 Surskit Encounters
    • Increased chance of Incense attracting Surskit

Luckily, no matter which path you choose in Chasing Legends, you’ll still be able to encounter plenty of Cacnea, Gulpin, and Surksit during GO Tour: Hoenn – Global. This is because they are in the new 5km event Egg and will be spawning in the wild too!

Meanwhile, if you want a more challenging Research to complete, then the new Masterwork Research: Wish Granted might be it. What’s more, finishing it rewards you with a shiny Jirachi!

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