The best path to choose in the Pokemon GO Lovely Wishes Research is the Pokemon Candy Path. This is because it gives the best bonus – 2x Candy for catching Pokemon!

However, the other two paths – Using Daily Adventure Incense and Catching Pokemon – could be better for some players. This all depends on what your goals are in Pokemon GO.

If you want to catch the ultra-rare Galarian versions or Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, then the Using Daily Adventure Incense Path may prove to be a better choice.

Meanwhile, the Catching Pokemon Path is a good choice if you want to level up in the game, as it’ll help you earn XP twice as fast.

We’ve listed the bonus for each path of the Lovely Wishes Research below. Additionally, before you make your decision, you’ll also want to find out all of the Lovely Wishes Research rewards in Pokemon GO!

Alternatively, if you’ve already decided on the Pokemon Candy Path, you can also use some more tricks to increase your Candy earning. Here is every way to boost how much Candy you earn in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Valentine's Day 2023

All Pokemon GO Lovely Wishes Path Bonuses – Catching Pokemon, Using Daily Adventure Incense & Pokemon Candy

Each path in the Pokemon Lovely Wishes Research gives players a different bonus that lasts until the end of the 2023 Valentine’s Day event on February 14:

  • Catching Pokemon
    • 2x XP for Catching Pokemon
  • Using Daily Adventure Incense
    • Additional 15 minutes of Daily Adventure Incense use
  • Pokemon Candy
    • 2x Candy for catching Pokemon

Once you have chosen a path to take, you’ll need to know how to complete step 2 of the Pokemon GO Lovely Wishes Research. Finishing this step will grant you the corresponding path bonus.

The Valentine’s Day event has also added brand-new Raid bosses, a new shiny Legendary Pokemon, as well as a load of exciting Pokemon to catch in the wild!

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