The Pacey Winger Evolutions allows gamers to transform their RW items into pacey attackers. This Evolutions set will require you to spend 50,000 coins or 1,000 FC Points.

Completing this Evolution will give your play an extra 8 Pace while giving them the Quick Step and Rapid PlayStyles.

The Quick Step PlayStyle will make the player accelerate faster during Explosive Sprint. Meanwhile, Rapid makes them reach a higher speed when dribbling with less chance of an error.

If you are wondering who you should complete, look no further as we dive into the best options in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 Pacey Winger Evolutions Requirements

The requirements for the Pacey Winger Evolutions are as follows:

  • Overall: Max. 81
  • Position: RW
  • Pace: Max. 85
  • Passing: Max. 80
  • Dribbling: Max. 85
  • Physical: Max. 75
  • PlayStyles: Max. 8

If your player does not fit all of these criteria, you cannot upgrade them in this Evolutions set.

Pacey Winger Evolutions Criteria

Best Pacey Winger Evolution Players to Upgrade in EA FC 24

The best Pacey Wingers Evolutions to do are:

  • Malcolm – 81 OVR (Al Hilal & Brazil)
  • Matteo Politano – 81 OVR (Napoli & Italy)
  • Jessie Fleming – 80 OVR (Chelsea & Canada)
  • Grace Chanda – 79 OVR (Madrid CFF & Zambia)
  • Dejan Kulusevski – 81 OVR (Tottenham Hotspur & Sweden)


  • Cost: 3,500 coins

Malcom is an excellent Evolutions to use due to the stats boost he receives and because he can provide a ton of chemistry to Neymar Jr.

Even if you do not have Neymar, this RW item looks one of the best in the game. He has tons of pace and high dribbling stats across the board.

Malcolm Pacey Winger Evolutions
Stats from FUT.GG

Matteo Politano

  • Cost: 1,500 coins

Politano’s Evolution item looks like one of the best RWs in the game. His pace and dribbling stats are high-tier, while his passing has no stat below 80.

He is an optimal choice for Serie A fans or players with a team that can fit him in. He also has four stars in both Skill Moves and Weak Foot.

Pacey Winger Evolutions Politano
Stats from FUT.GG

Jessie Fleming

  • Cost: 650 coins

Jessie Fleming might go under the radar because she starts as a CM. However, she has a RW alt position, making her eligible.

With many meta Canadians in EA FC 24, such as Alphonso Davies and her Chelsea teammate Ashley Lawrence, you should have no issue fitting her into a team. Her stats look extremely good for a winger, as well.

Jessie Fleming Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG

Grace Chanda

  • Cost: 700 coins

Grace Chanda is regularly an ST but can also play RW. One of the most significant benefits of choosing Chanda is her nation and club link to Rachael Kundananji.

The Zambian pair will create a strike force to put fear into most defenses. With a Finisher chemistry style, she reaches 90+ in pace, shooting, and dribbling while maintaining 84 strength.

Chanda Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG

Dejan Kulusevski

  • Cost: 2,500 coins

If you are heading to the Premier League for your Evolutions, Kulusevski is the standout pick. Although he doesn’t have as much pace as the other options, the rest of his stats make up for it.

While not entirely suited to the wing, shifting him to CAM using custom tactics will get the best out of his abilities.

Kulusevski Evolution
Stats from FUT.GG
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