To progress the main story in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC, The Indigo Disk, you’ll need to defeat the BB League Elite 4, but what order should you battle them in?

Once you’ve got the story underway in The Indigo Disk, you will be tasked with defeating the Elite 4 Pokemon trainers of the Blueberry League – Amarys, Crispin, Drayton, and Lacey. However, the game lets you battle them in any order you like.

That’s why we’ve got the recommended order in which you should battle them in!

Best Order to Fight the BB League Elite 4

The best order to fight the BB League Elite 4 in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk is:

  1. Crispin
  2. Amarys
  3. Lacey
  4. Drayton

This is the order that the game suggests you battle them in, and it is best to stick with it.

BB League Elite 4 Map Indigo Disk

Crispin is the easiest of the four to beat, while the others are all a very similar difficulty level, meaning you may as well go in the order that the game suggests.

This order is from the lowest-ranked Blueberry League trainer, Crispin, at #5, to the highest-ranked of the four, Drayton, at #2.

However, before you can fight any of the Elite 4, you’ll need some BP. Here’s how to get BP in The Indigo Disk so you can take on Elite Trials and challenge the Elite 4!

Below, we have included the battle teams for all of the BB League Elite 4 so you know what to expect when battling them.


Crispin is a Fire-type trainer that uses these Pokemon:

  • Talonflame (Level 77)
  • Rotom – Heat (Level 77)
  • Exeggutor (Level 78)
  • Magmortar (Level 78)
  • Camerupt (Level 78)
  • Blaziken – Tera Type: Fire (Level 79)

For this battle, you will want to bring your strongest Ground, Rock, and Water-types to counter Crsipin’s Pokemon.

Crispin The Indigo Disk


Amarys specializes in training Steel-type Pokemon. This is her team:

  • Alolan Dugtrio (Level 78)
  • Skarmory (Level 78)
  • Empoleon (Level 79)
  • Reuiniclus (Level 79)
  • Scizor (Level 79)
  • Metagross – Tera Type: Steel (Level 80)

As all but one of Amarys’ Pokemon are Steel-types, you will want to bring your best Ground, Fighting, and Fire-types to counter them!

Amarys The Indigo Disk


Lacey is a Fairy-type trainer that uses this battle team:

  • Granbull (Level 78)
  • Whimsicott (Level 78)
  • Primarina (Level 79)
  • Galarian Slowbro (Level 79)
  • Alcremie (Level 79)
  • Excadrill – Tera Type: Fairy (Level 80)

Lacey’s Fairy-types are easy to counter if you bring along powerful Poison and Steel-type Pokemon.

Lacey The Indigo Disk


Drayton’s battle team is almost completely Dragon-type Pokemon:

  • Flygon (Level 78)
  • Dragonite (Level 78)
  • Sceptile (Level 79)
  • Haxorus (Level 79)
  • Kingdra (Level 79)
  • Archaludon – Tera Type: Dragon (Level 80)

To defeat Drayton’s Dragon-types, you will want to use a team of Ice, Fairy or Dragon-type Pokemon.

Drayton The Indigo Disk

Now that you know which order to battle the BB League Elite 4, as well as all of the Pokemon they use, you’re ready to continue your adventure in The Indigo Disk!

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