The best optics to use on your custom weapons in Warzone 2 are:

Each of these optics provides a great sight picture but serves a different purpose. For instance, the Cronen Mini Pro is perfect for SMGs, while the Raptor-FVM40 should be equipped to sniper rifles.

Below, we explain which weapons all of these optics are effective on, how to unlock them, and also provide a picture of what it looks like in-game.

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Cronen Mini Pro – Best Close-Range Optic

The Cronen Mini Pro has a very thin frame and a blue dot, making it perfect for your close-range SMGs in Warzone 2.

It can be unlocked in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 by reaching level 7 with the Expedite 12 shotgun.

Find out the best SMG loadouts in Warzone 2, so you can try this optic out on a powerful close-range weapon!

Cronen Mini Pro Warzone 2

Aim OP-V4 – Best Mid-Range Optic

The Aim OP-V4 is a very clean optic that is best used for mid-range guns, thanks to its clear red dot. This makes it a favorite for sniper support guns or aggressive assault rifle builds.

To unlock the Aim OP-V4 for Warzone 2 and MW2, you need to reach Level 5 with the BAS-P.

Find out the best sniper support guns in Warzone 2, or even equip this optic to a battle rifle like the TAQ-V!

Aim OP-V4 Warzone 2

Schlager 3.4x – Best Assault Rifle Scope

The best optic for assault rifles in Warzone 2 is the Schlager 3.4x. This is thanks to its good zoom level, clear sight picture with a red dot, and thin frame.

You can unlock the Schlager 3.4x by reaching level 12 with the RAPP H in Warzone 2 or MW2.

The Schlager 3.4x is the perfect scope to put on the meta RPK loadout for Warzone 2 or a long-range TAQ-56 build.

Schlager 3.4x Warzone 2

SZ Holotherm – Best Thermal Optic

The SZ Holotherm is by far the best thermal optic to use in Warzone 2. It has a zoom level comparable to the Schlager 3.4x, as well as the ability to toggle thermal vision on and off.

You can unlock this optic by reaching level 12 with the PDSW 528.

If you don’t believe this optic is meta, here’s what JGOD has to say about the SZ Holotherm!

SZ Holotherm Warzone 2

Cronen Zero-P Optic – Best Sniper Scope in Warzone 2

The Cronen Zero-P optic is perfect for players who want to use a sniper rifle at medium distances. It is a very clean optic without too much zoom.

You can unlock the Cronen Zero-P by reaching level 4 with the TAQ-56.

Cronen Zero-P Warzone 2

Raptor-FVM40 – Best Sniper Optic With Rangefinder

If ultra-long-range sniping is your thing, then we suggest using the Raptor-FVM40. Not only does it have a 13x zoom, but it also comes with a rangefinder and bullet drop indicator!

It might take a while to unlock, though, as you’ll have to reach level 28 with the Victus XMR!

Here are the best sniper rifle loadouts for Warzone 2 so you can give this powerful scope a try in Al Mazrah!

Raptor FVM-40 Warzone 2
Warzone 2 Raptor-FVM40 Firing Range

Now that you know the best optics to use in Warzone 2, you’ll need to know what guns to use them on. Here are the most powerful meta weapon loadouts in Warzone 2!

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