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Best NVIDIA Filters For Warzone Season 3 – Verdansk ’84

Warzone is a tricky game to get just right, but if you’re using these NVIDIA filters it’s much easier to see your Verdansk ’84 in Season 3.

It should come as no surprise to players that Warzone has some visibility issues. And while Verdansk ’84 is largely more colorful than its predecessor, it could still use some touch-ups.

Of course, this isn’t quite so easy when you’re playing Warzone on a console. The ability to change settings is just one of the many advantages that PC players have over console users in Warzone.

And although we can recommend the best settings for Black Ops Cold War on console, Warzone players on PC have a much easier time. Particularly when using an NVIDIA graphics card.

NVIDIA JGOD Filters Warzone
(Source: JGOD)

And if you’re on a high-end rig, be sure to check out the new NVIDIA DLSS feature in Warzone. With that setting on board, you’ll have the best-looking Warzone to date.

At least until the Warzone next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X patch comes out soon.

Best Visibility Settings for Verdanks ’84 in Warzone Season 3

If you’re one of the Warzone players who is using an NVIDIA graphics card, you’re eligible for the best visibility settings possible.

In case you were unaware, hitting alt+z with NVIDIA GeForce Experience installed will allow you to access a function called Filters. Using these NVIDIA filters, it’s possible to overlay any game with a range of filters to improve your overall visibility.

NVIDIA Warzone Filters Off vs On
(Source: JGOD)

In a new video by JGOD, the Warzone analyst discusses the very best NVIDIA filters to use in Warzone. Here’s how to experience them for yourself:

Best NVIDIA Filters Warzone Season 3

When choosing your filters in NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience, here’s what you should be selecting.

Add the Details filter with the following settings:

  • Sharpen 36%
  • Clarity 49%
  • HDR Toning 49%
  • Bloom 0%

Add the Color filter with the following settings:

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  • Tint Color 0%
  • Tint Intensity 0%
  • Temperature 0
  • Vibrance 32.7

Add the Brightness / Contrast filter with the following settings:

  • Exposure 0%
  • Contrast 9%
  • Highlights 6%
  • Shadows -100%
  • Gamma 0%
JGOD Warzone Filters
(Source: Activision)

Of course, all these settings are completely down to your own preferences. Have a fiddle around and see what works for you, but these are the settings that JGOD recommends.

When using the NVIDIA filters in Warzone, you have a tremendous advantage over those who aren’t. And if you’re enabling cross-play on console, be wary that PC players may just spot you even when hiding in the dark.

At long last, Warzone has nerfed the notorious Roze skin that was so good at hiding in the shadows. What’s more, in this new tour of Verdansk ’84, we can see that the map is noticeably brighter than the original Warzone arena.

But when all is said and done, it pays to have any advantage you can in the Warzone. Thankfully, the next-gen Warzone patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X is at least on the way soon.

This is definitely the best way to improve your visibility in Warzone at the moment. And with Warzone investing more resources in anti-cheat technology, it’ll soon be the only way to get an advantage in-game.

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