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Best NVIDIA Filters for Warzone Pacific to Improve Visibility & Add Color

If you’re dropping into Warzone Pacific, be sure to edit these NVIDIA filters to get your game looking as clean and colorful as possible.

Warzone Pacific is finally here, and Caldera has more than a few problems to deal with right now. First and foremost, the map looks completely washed out and devoid of color, despite some deceptive promotional material.

However, it is possible to get Warzone Pacific to look like it does in Activision’s images, with a bit of NVIDIA filter work. And then we only have issues like the influx of Warzone cheaters in Caldera to deal with.

On top of that many users are experiencing crashing and freezing when loading up Caldera for the first time. And it’s certainly not what we were hoping from the Warzone update.

Warzone Pacific Caldera With NVIDIA Filters
NVIDIA Filters Before/After in Warzone Pacific

As ever, PC users have the advantage when it comes to Warzone. And even though Raven Software is responding to demand for an FOV slider on console, there’s one thing the platform will never have.

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Best NVIDIA Filters for Warzone Pacific Caldera

PC players with an NVIDIA graphics cards can enjoy these incredible NVIDIA filters for Warzone Pacific Caldera. And with them on, it’s like night and day.

First, install/boot up NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience. Pressing Alt & Z should bring it up when a game is running.

Then, create a filter with the following settings:


  • Tint Color: 0
  • Tint Intensity: 0
  • Temperature: 0


  • Exposure: 0%
  • Contrast: 9%
  • Highlights: 0%
  • Shadows: -40%
  • Gamma: 0%


  • Clarity: 57%
  • HDR Toning: 25%
  • Bloom: 0%
  • Sharpen: 33%

Of course, you should feel free to tweak these settings to fit your own individual preferences. But with these NVIDIA settings in your Warzone Pacific game, you’ll be able to see a much more vibrant Caldera!

And then don’t forget to change these essential Warzone Pacific settings for the best-looking game possible.

While you’re at it, here are the best controller settings for Warzone accuracy and movement.

It pays to have every possible advantage over your opponents in a Battle Royale game. And with that in mind, we’ve got some surprising truth about Vanguard guns in Caldera!

Thanks to YouTuber TheDynaMight for sharing these NVIDIA Caldera settings with us. Check out the full video below.

Then, check out the best meta loadout in Warzone Pacific here and get ahead of the game!

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