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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories for Christmas 2021

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Your Nintendo Switch deserves some love this 2021 Christmas, and here are the best accessories you can buy for it!

The Nintendo Switch is a complete success for Nintendo. This little hybrid console packed a punch more significant than anyone could have expected.

Nintendo Switch sold so well that it remained 33 straight months as the best-selling console each month until Sony’s PS5 dethroned it in September this year.

Over its many years of success, hundreds of accessories for this console have been created.

For the thousands of fans out there, it is time to renew your Nintendo Switch with the best accessories!

Nintendo Switch Console

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Top 5 Nintendo Switch Accessories for Christmas 2021

5. Carrying Case

Nintendo Switch has the advantage of being a portable console. This great power comes with great responsibilities.

If you plan to take your Nintendo Switch console with you, a carrying case is necessary.

Even though this console is entirely portable, you will not be able to easily fit it in your pocket as you did with your old GameBoy.

In addition to the protection a carrying case provides, there are many models from a ton of famous Nintendo franchises.

This accessory is the perfect blend of usefulness and personalization!

Tom Nook Carrying Case Nintendo Switch

4. Power Bank

Holidays time usually means traveling for many gamers. If this is the case for you, a power bank is a must-have accessory for your Nintendo Switch this Christmas.

The battery time of the Nintendo Switch is not stellar. Of course, this varies depending on the game you are playing. But, no one wants to limit their on-the-go playtime due to battery constraints.

A power bank is an excellent investment if you are a portable player. Especially if your favorite titles love draining battery like Wario loves his coins.

Power Bank Anker Nintendo Switch

3. Joy-Cons

Joy-Cons are unfortunately flimsy, and having an extra set of them is never a bad idea. Additionally, they are perfect for adding a cool touch to your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has produced a solid roster of pretty wacky colors to make your console look unique. Furthermore, plenty of couch co-op games requires one Joy-Con per player.

This means that with two sets of Joy-Cons, you can enjoy a whole 4-player session with your family and friends!

If you are the Mario Party or Overcooked type of person, a set of additional Joy-Cons is the perfect accessory to get for Nintendo Switch this 2021 Christmas.

Zelda Skyward Sword JoyCon Nintendo Switch

2. MicroSD Card

Storage seems to be an issue with all the popular consoles in the market. Nintendo Switch is sadly no exception.

You will rarely encounter a 100 GB game, just like in your PS5, but the internal capacity of your Switch is nowhere near enough for the sprawling game catalog it offers.

Fortunately, upgrading your Switch’s storage is as simple as it gets. You will just need a MicroSD card.

This memory card is a cheap accessory, and it is also a perfect Nintendo Switch Christmas gift that most gamers will value, especially if they are newcomers to the platform.

MicroSD Storage Card Sandisk Nintendo Switch

1. Pro Controller

Favoring a controller over another is an unavoidable gamer trait. Most of us gamers prefer one control scheme over the others. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, it offers two utterly different controller experiences.

As an option, you get the portable and tiny Joy-Cons. On the other hand, you have the robust and well-built Pro Controller.

Confidently, it is safe to say the best experience you will get in most Nintendo Switch games is by playing with the Pro Controller.

This is one of the best controllers Nintendo has ever made and a must-have for any Switch owners. It is not only comfortable but also its battery lasts an impressive time.

It offers all the comfort while retaining all the gimmicks Switch is famous for, such as motion controls and an Amiibo reader.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (1)

Without a doubt, any of these accessories will enhance the experience of a Nintendo Switch user this Christmas!

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