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Best New Warzone Attachment Secretly Reduces Recoil

Warzone rear grips have hidden recoil reduction, but which one is the best new Warzone attachment?

Ever since the Cold War weapons were added to Warzone, one attachment set was basically useless. Rear grips for Cold War guns in Warzone either didn't work or had next to no effect.

However, some rear grips in fact secretly change the recoil for guns. This is a hidden effect and can help make guns way more accurate.

Warzone Loadout Drop

Rear Grips in Warzone

While doing some testing, YouTuber Xclusive Ace found out that rear grips for Cold War guns in Warzone actually have a hidden effect. He found that many of them actually improve recoil control.

This makes the best rear grip one of the most useful attachments in Warzone.

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Black Ops Cold War Warzone Speed Tape

By testing the recoil plots Xclusive Ace found that there are three rear grips that help with recoil control. The Speed Tape, Field Tape and Serpent wrap all make your gun easier to control.

This must have been changed at some point recently, as before the grips did not previously have this hidden effect. Increased recoil control is not listed in the description of any of these grips either.

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Speed Tape - Best New Warzone Attachment

According to Xclusive Ace's testing, the Speed Tape reduces the vertical recoil the most out of any of the rear grips. This makes it one of the best attachments to use in Warzone.

On the FFAR, the recoil reduction from the Speed Tape also stacks with other recoil reducing attachments like the Field Agent Grip.

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Xclusive Ace YouTube

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