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Best MP40 Warzone Loadout After Season 3 Reloaded

The MP40 has become the strongest Vanguard SMG in Warzone after the Season 3 Reloaded Update. Here you will find the correct attachments to get the most out of this weapon!

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded has finally arrived bringing a lot of fresh content to the Battle Royale. With the update, many weapons have been buffed and nerfed, however this MP40 stands out from the rest.

Although Warzone player’s first choice it’s usually Assault Rifles, this MP40 has proved to be the best Vanguard SMG.

SMGs are known to give players plenty of mobility, which is essential in Warzone to reposition yourself and win matches.

However, this MP40 would be ideal to equip it along the insane NZ-41 which has been buffed.

The MP40

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Best MP40 Loadout in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

The MP40 is the most picked Vanguard SMG and the second most picked weapon in the game in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded. However, the right attachments are needed to make it powerful.

You can see this data on ‘WZ Ranked‘ where they update weapon in-game data daily, showing the Pick Rate, K/D, and Win Rate.

Here are the attachments you need to equip on your MP40 loadout:

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Krausnick 317mm 04B
  • Optic: Krausnick ISO 2M
  • Stock: VDD 34M Padded
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Perk: Brace
  • Perk2: Quick

The Youtuber ‘Kxpture‘ has shared this powerful loadout, along with an incredible 34-kill win in Rebirth Island.

MP40 Loadout

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To complete the loadout, you will have to also equip the best set of Perks and Equipment:

  • Perk1: E.O.D
  • Perk2: Overkill
  • Perk3: Amped
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Stim / Heartbeat Sensor

Overkill is recommended instead of Ghost because the MP40 is an SMG and doesn’t perform well long-range.

Having a long-ranged primary weapon is necessary for this loadout, so make sure you check the most picked AX50 loadout!

After the huge stim nerf that happened along with Season 3 Reloaded, the Heartbeat Sensor might be the best choice this time.

In other news, a leak claims that classic Modern Warfare 2 maps will return in Battle Royale with the upcoming Warzone 2.

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