If you’re looking to take advantage of the first MW3 Double XP event, here is the mode you should be playing for best results.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 just dropped its first-ever Double XP event, offering Double Player, Weapon, and Battle Pass XP for the remainder of the week.

But for those looking to grind as hard as possible while the boost is live, you need to be looking at only one playlist:

The Best Mode for Weapon Leveling

The new best mode for grinding weapon levels in MW3 is 10v10 Moshpit. This mode just arrived in-game on November 22, and it’s already become the best way to level up your guns and more.

Not only does 10v10 Moshpit provide more enemies to kill, but it also features objectives such as points to capture, which also contribute to your score.

10v10 Mosh Pit Mode in MW3

What’s more, dropping a major killstreak such as a Chopper Gunner will net you more targets to eliminate, allowing your XP to snowball if you can achieve a solid run.

And best of all, players report that SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking) appears to be dialed down for the mode, making it far less ‘sweaty’ than standard 6v6 lobbies.

In our personal testing, we found that playing the Moshpit mode for just a single 10-minute game was enough to rank up our gun by 5 levels.

With that in mind, you’d be able to max out weapons in just a handful of games, depending on your performance!

Double XP on 10v10 Most Pit Invasion MW3

We saw a similar thing with War Mode, which also seems to feature little-to-no SBMM, and that’s another great playlist for grinding.

However, the chaos of 10v10 is quite simply perfect for those looking to prioritize leveling up weapons and grinding the Battle Pass.

Is Zombies No Longer the King?

Another mode that players have been using to grind during Double XP is Modern Warfare Zombies. However, there’s a new issue causing fans some stress.

After the nerf to the Exfil farming method that could rank up a gun to max level in a single game, there’s a new best weapon XP farm that abuses Outlast Contracts.

Unfortunately, evidence suggests that Activision has secretly nerfed all XP gains in MW3 Zombies in its latest patch.

It appears that there is now a hidden cap on the amount of XP you can receive in Zombies games. And if this is the case, then MW3 Multiplayer is back to being the best mode to grind in Double XP events.

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