The Legend of Zelda: TOTK contains very few high-damage base weapons but if you know what to Fuse together you’ll be one-shotting Ganondorf in no time.

Well… you won’t be quite one-shotting the final boss, but with the right fusions, your Tears of the Kingdom adventure will be noticeably easier.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best weapons in TOTK and how to craft them.

How to Make the Strongest Weapons in Zelda: TOTK

To make the most powerful weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to combine high-damage base weapons with rare monster parts.

Here are a few examples of the weapons you’re going to want to look out for:

Royal Knight’s Claymore

One of the highest attack power basic weapons in Zelda: TOTK is the 32 damage Royal Knight’s Claymore. A guaranteed spawn for this mighty sword is in Princess Zelda’s Room in Hyrule Castle.

Where to Find Royal Claymore Zelda TOTK

The reason this weapon is so good is that once you’ve attacked an enemy with it a few times, it will be at its breaking point and will double in attack power.

Now at a staggering 64 damage per hit, your new weapon is ready to be fused. However, it will only be at its most powerful when near its breaking point once more, making it a pretty mediocre option in an extended fight.

Royal Guard's Claymore - TOTK Best Weapon

Gloom Sword

Another great option is the 41 damage Gloom Sword dropped by Phantom Ganondorf. However, this weapon will deal Gloom damage to its user, even when fused with other materials so be sure to stock up on Sundelions!

Gloom Sword in Zelda TOTK

It makes sense that a weapon coming straight from the Demon King would come with a heavy penalty for using it. Thankfully, there’s a way around it.

By dropping the Gloom Sword on the ground, holding another weapon, and then fusing the Gloom Sword as a material, you get all of the power and none of the drawbacks!

Gerudo Spear

One underrated option that has the potential to be one of TOTK’s best weapons is the Gerudo Spear.

While the spear itself only has an attack power of 6, it will double the power of Fused materials, which can lead to a super high damage weapon with the right item.

Where to Find Gerudo Spear Zelda TOTK Best Weapons

The Spear can be found just to the northeast of the Gerudo Town clothing store, on top of the stairs by the front entrance to the town.

Be sure to use your strongest Fuse materials to take advantage of the spear’s bonus damage.

Gerudo Spear Damage Bonus in Tears of the Kingdom

Sword of the Seven

But if you want some real power AND to maintain the ability to use a shield, the Scimitar of the Seven is your best friend.

The Best Sword Zelda TOTK

This legendary weapon of the Gerudo also doubles the power of any attached material. But with a starting power of 28, a high durability, and the ability to be reforged, it’s easily one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.

However, you’ll need to complete a quest to get it. Here’s how to get the Sword of the Seven in Tears of the Kingdom!

Best Weapon in Zelda TOTK

Fierce Deity Sword

The Fierce Deity Sword was the best weapon in Majora’s Mask and it’s one of your must-have blades this time around too!

With 38 damage right off the bat, it’s an excellent sword even without fusing. To find it, follow our guide on obtaining all pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor as only then will the Fierce Deity Sword reveal itself!

Fierce Deity Sword Zelda TOTK

Master Sword

And of course, don’t forget to find the Master Sword – a weapon that will never break! Fuse it with a high-damage material and the sword will get a major boost.

What makes the Master Sword even stronger is its ability to fire off ranged attacks with the R button. Since you can’t throw the blade, it will blast enemies with energy based on how many hearts Link has.

Zelda TOTK Master Sword

However, this weapon can only perform its ranged shot when Link is at full health. And while it can’t break, it will run out of energy after some use and must be recharged over time.

Best Materials to Fuse With

The best items to fuse with your weapons are usually ones that drop as loot from defeated powerful monsters.

The stronger the monster, the more powerful the material will help a weapon become. Here are some of the best materials you can get your hands on:

  • Silver Bokoblin Horn – 31 Fuse Attack Power
  • Silver Moblin Horn – 33 Fuse Attack Power
  • Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn – 33 Fuse Attack Power
  • Silver Lizalfos Horn – 34 Fuse Attack Power
  • Gibdo Bone – 40 Fuse Attack Power (But Breaks Almost Instantly)
  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn – 55 Fuse Attack Power

You could also use a Diamond for a guaranteed 25 Fuse Attack Power, but you’ll likely want to save those rare resources for selling.

How to Get the Master Sword in Zelda TOTK

Be sure to learn how to duplicate items easily in Zelda: TOTK and you’ll never run out of your favorite fuse materials!

Once you’ve got your high-damage weapon that you don’t want to lose, make sure you know how to repair it and give it a free upgrade while you do so! That way, you’ll be able to keep your trust weapon by your side forever.

And don’t forget that you can raise your attack even higher by wearing some of the best armor in Tears of the Kingdom! After all, the Phantom Armor and Barbarian Armor, both raise your attack just for wearing them.

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