The MCW is one of the most accurate assault rifles in MW3, making it an excellent choice for any loadout!

Here’s the best MCW loadout in Modern Warfare 3, so you can get kills at all ranges:

AttachmentHow to Unlock
Shadowstrike Suppressor (Muzzle)Longbow Level 11
Second Line Mammoth Heavy Barrel (Barrel)MCW Level 18
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)MTZ-556 Level 2
40 Round Mag (Magazine)MCW Level 6
RB Claw-PSL Grip (Rear Grip)MCW Level 3
Is this Loadout helpful?

This build dramatically reduces the recoil of the MCW while also giving it a clear optic, an extended magazine, and a suppressor that keeps you off the mini map.

The recoil reduction makes this MCW loadout highly accurate even over long distances. This is perfect for the larger maps in MW3.

Best MCW Loadout MW3

Best Secondary, Perks, Vest & Equipment for MCW Loadout

Even if this MCW loadout is primarily for use in long-range combat, it is very effective at all distances.

This is why we have gone for a Secondary Weapon, Perks, Vest, and Equipment that suit a balanced playstyle for your MCW loadout in MW3 Multiplayer. Here’s what you should be running:

Secondary WeaponWSP Stinger
TacticalBattle Rage
Field EquipmentComm Scrambler
VestInfantry Vest
GlovesScavenger Gloves
BootsStalker Boots
GearBone Conduction Headset
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