Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 needs to bring back some of these incredible maps from the series’ past when it launches on October 25, 2024.

The Black Ops franchise has long been a favorite among Call of Duty fans, in part due to Treyarch’s incredible selection of multiplayer maps.

Almost every longtime COD fan will have a map or two they remember every inch of, and some of the most memorable arenas made their debut in Black Ops.

We’ve already seen some of the 16 brand-new maps coming to Black Ops 6 at launch. But post-release, we’re hoping that some fan favorites get the remake treatment.

Here are the best Black Ops maps that we believe need to return in Black Ops 6, starting with one that’s already confirmed!


If you were paying close attention during the recent Black Ops 6 Direct, you may already know that Nuketown is confirmed for Black Ops 6!

Black Ops 2 Nuketown

Treyarch didn’t show us any gameplay of the new Nuketown during the showcase, but the map name was visible in one shot of the multiplayer lobby.

It’s no great shock that Nuketown will be resurfacing in Black Ops 6. After all, a new mainline Black Ops game always brings with it a new take on the iconic multiplayer arena.

Nuketown Spotted in Black Ops 6 Multiplayer Stream

Nuketown won’t arrive on launch day, but we expect it will drop very soon after release. In the case of Black Ops Cold War, Nuketown arrived in a post-launch update just eleven days after the game’s release.


Seeing as Checkmate made its debut in Treyarch’s most recent title, Black Ops Cold War, it may be too early to bring the map back in Black Ops 6.

We’d like to hope this isn’t the case, however, as Checkmate is the perfect mix of Firing Range and Modern Warfare’s Terminal.

checkmate map in black ops cold war

Set in a training facility where Perseus operatives practiced assassinating the US President, the map features several fake buildings surrounding a replica of Air Force One.

While Firing Range has been brought back time and time again, we’d like to see Checkmate fill the void this time around.


Set on top of the snowy Ural Mountains, Summit is one of the all-time greats when it comes to iconic Black Ops maps.

Summit in Call of Duty Black Ops

Treyarch clearly knows this, as Summit has reappeared in a handful of COD titles already, including Black Ops 3, 4, and Call of Duty Mobile.

We’re sure some fans are tired of Summit already, but personally, we can’t get enough of this incredible multiplayer arena.

Hangar 18

After choosing one of the more popular Black Ops maps in Summit, we thought we’d go a little more niche with our next pick: Hangar 18.

This map has only ever featured in the original Black Ops, where it debuted as part of the third DLC map pack, Annihilation.

hanger 18 in black ops

This map is set in Area 51 and features multiple Easter eggs, including alien corpses, for players to encounter. However, the most iconic section of the map has players battling around an SR-71 Blackbird and its surrounding hangar.

Not every COD fan will recognize this map, but those who do will surely agree that it has been MIA for too long.


When we think back to the glory days of the original Black Ops, our minds always come back to Launch.

This map, which was even featured during the first-ever Black Ops multiplayer trailer, features a rocket that launches around halfway through the round, killing anyone located beneath its engines.

Black Ops Map Launch

Launch was one of the first COD maps to feature vertical gameplay, with a focus on taking height overlooking key objectives.

The map has been remade once for Black Ops 4, but we think it deserves one more time in the spotlight.


After debuting in the original Black Ops, Jungle has been brought back in Black Ops 3, 4, and Cold War, meaning that it’s been in the three most recent Treyarch releases.

That said, we’re down to give it one more go.

Jungle in Black Ops Cold War

There’s something about the jungles of Vietnam that keeps calling us back, and the map is well-suited to all playstyles.

Thanks to its spectacular layout, Jungle caters to fans of close-quarters combat and long-range gameplay while also encouraging vertical play.


When it comes to iconic close-quarters maps, most Call of Duty players’ minds will immediately go to the likes of Nuketown or Shipment.

However, Black Ops 2’s Hijacked is another beloved smaller multiplayer map that often goes overshadowed by the popularity of its competition.

Hijacked in Black Ops Cold War

Set on a superyacht, Hijacked offers numerous opportunities for close-range combat inside the boat. Those who prefer medium-long-range engagements can still find what they’re looking for on the outdoor walkways.

Hijacked excels in objective-based gamemodes, but it’s also a lot of fun to switch off your brain and just run and gun for a while.

If you’re curious to learn more about Treyarch’s upcoming title, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about Black Ops 6 multiplayer here!

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