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Best Mac-10 Class in Black Ops Cold War & Rebirth Island

The Mac-10 is one of the best submachine guns in both multiplayer and Warzone

Unlocked at level 15 in Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass.

The Mac-10 boast the highest fire rate when compared to other submachine guns, at an outstanding 1,111 round per minute. 

The Black Ops Cold War description of this weapon says that it has the lowest damage. 

However, we did the math here and the Mac-10 lets you put down full armoured enemies in just 480ms (Warzone).

On the other hand, in regular multiplayer, you can give your enemies instant kill-cam feeds in just 270ms (Cold War). 

With Black Ops Cold War being integrated into Modern Warfare's Warzone, we have two amazing loadouts for you to do just that... Dominate! 

Best Mac-10 Class (Loadout & Attachments) in Black Ops Cold War

Best Mac-10 Class in Cold War

This is the best Mac-10 class set up for Cold War. These 5 attachments have been picked using expert statistical analysis.

This class setup is ready to dominate all the multiplayer maps, even the new ones like "The Pines" and "Raid."

  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator 
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser Sight 
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: Stanag 53 RND Drum
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap

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Best Mac-10 Class Setup in Cold War

SOCOM Eliminator

Starting of this class is the SOCOM Eliminator, after using the Mac-10 for about 10 minutes, you will soon realise that the amazing 1,111 rounds per minute fire rate is not all sunshine and rainbows. 

That higher level of fire rate comes with some hefty recoil. 

To mitigate that we will be using the SOCOM Eliminator with its massive boost to our vertical recoil control by 17%.

The SOCOM Eliminator also comes with 85% muzzle flash concealment keeping our radar signature down to a minimum. 

This will come at the cost of some horizontal recoil control and a 10% hit to our shooting movement speed.

Field Agent Grip

Next on our quest to control this wild recoil. The Field Agent Grip with a minor boost to the vertical recoil and a massive 20% boost to the horizontal recoil control.

Now that we have fixed the recoil for the Mac-10's lighting fast fire rate, there still another problem that comes with having 1,111 rounds shoot out of this weapon every minute.

Stagnag 53 RND Drum

That is is the magazine capacity. The Mac-10 will simply inhale bullets. Therefore we will be using the Stagnag 53 RND Drum giving us a 66% increase to the ammo capacity. Taking us from 32 rounds up to 53.

This magazine attachment does come with a hit to our reload speed and 15% increase to aim down sight time. 

Serpent Wrap

To gain back our submachine gun handling superiority, we will be using the Serpent Wrap offering a handsome 25% boost to our aim down sight time at the cost of 10% of our sprint out time. 

Steady Aim Laser

To finish this class up, we will be using the Steady Aim Laser for its straight forward 15% boost to our hip-fire accuracy.

With the launch of Season 1, players are starting to realise that this small compact weapon is absolutely dominating rooms and close-quarter gunfights.

With that being said, we would rather not have anything else other the "Mcdestroyer-1.11/1" at our side. 

This class is designed to dominate close quarters combat. However, we have another option for you in case you get too claustrophobic. 

Best Mac-10 Class For Rebirth Island

These are the 5 best Mac-10 attachments to use in your loadout for Rebirth Island.

This class set up is designed to get you within the Mac-10's maximum kill-zone. 

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor  
  • Barrel: 6.5" Rifled Barrel 
  • Underbarrel: SFOD Speedgrip
  • Magazine: Salvo 53 RND Fast Mag   
  • Stock: SAS Combat Stock 

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In Warzone all weapons are restricted to 5 attachments with the Gunfighter Wild Card out of the way. We must be precise with the way we pick attachments. 

6.5" Rifled Barrel

The base Mac-10 has an abysmal range of 8.57 meters.

This is simply not good enough. Therefore, we will be starting off with the 6.5 Rifled Barrel offering a 25% boost. At the cost of sprinting speed. 

The 6.5" Rifled Barrel will extend our range ever so slightly allowing us to add a suppressor without losing too much of our effective damage range. 

SFOD Speedgrip

Sprinting speed is even more important in Warzone, helping you get to cover faster and outrun the deadly circle. 

Therefore, to make up the lost speed, we will be using the SFOD Speedgrip. Speeding our sprinting speed by 10%.

The SFOD Speedgrip will also increase our horizontal recoil control by 15%.

In turn, hurting our movement speed, shooting movement speed and aim walking movement speed by 6%.

Agency Suppressor

We cannot forget that this gun still suffers from high recoil, to mitigate that, we are going to be using the Agency Suppressor. 

Suppressors are hardcoded into the "Warzone Meta" and the Agency Suppressor ticks that box.

All the while, giving us a nice boost to our vertical recoil. At the cost of the effective damage range gained form the 6.5" Rifled Barrel. 

Salvo 53 RND Fast Mag

Next up is the magazine capacity with this gun massive fire rate, the base magazine is too small. Also, the fact that in Warzone, the enemy has a higher health pool does not really help the problem.

For our magazine attachment, we will be using the Salvo 53 RND Fast Mag.

For a boost in both magazine capacity, from 32 to 53 and a 40% boost to our reload speed allowing to put down multiple enemies in no time. 

SAS Combat Stock

To wrap this "Speed Demon" class up. The SAS Combat Stock, boosting our shooting movement speed by 5% and our aim walking movement speed by 15%. 

Letting us strafe faster and dodge enemy fire. 


There you have it; The best class set up for the Mac-10 for both Warzone and Cold War multiplayer. This compact weapon has been a welcomed addition into the ranks of fast firing submachine guns. 

The Mac-10 is ready to bring the hurt to your enemies as soon as you unlock it for FREE within Season 1's Battle Pass at tier 15. 

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