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Best M60 Cold War Class & Warzone Loadout

The M60 has the highest damage of any fully automatic weapon within Black Ops Cold War. Kit the M60 out properly and nothing will be able to stop you.

This light machine gun has an outstanding output of 50 damage, capable of neutralising targets in just 3 shots. 

Factor in its 517 round per minute fire rate and you have a serious killing machine. 

Best M60 Class in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

The fire rate might not be that impressive. However, this is pretty much a fully automatic DMR 14 with a 75 round mag when put into perspective. 

The M60 is capable of holding down lanes and controlling areas. With the right attachments, this light machine gun can turn the tide of the war anyway you like.

Best M60 Cold War Class

This Cold War M60 class set up is designed to complement the best features of this weapon and eliminate any shortcomings. 

  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator 
  • Barrel: 22.8" Task Force 
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip 
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: No Stock 

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Best M60 Class In Cold War

22.8" Task Force 

To start this class off is the 22.8" Task Force Barrel. When it comes to the barrels available for the light machine gun class, the 22.8" Task Force Barrel is the best option. 

Unlike in other weapon classes, this damage boosting barrel does not increase the horizontal recoil. Therefore, this barrel wins our attachment slot by a long shot.

The 22.8" Task Force Barrel will increase the damage by 8% taking our damage profile from 50 to a modest 54. 

This barrel will also increase the effective damage range by 100% from 76.2 meters all the way up to an outstanding 152.4 meters. It will make the M60 always be in 3 shot kill range.

The last positive thing this barrel will do is increase our bullet velocity by 100% from 600 meters per second to a whopping 1200 meters per second. 

For the cons, this barrel will decrease our total magazine reserve from 3 to 2 and decrease our total magazine bullet count from 75 to 70. 

SOCOM Eliminator 

We will be adding the SOCOM Eliminator to keep this gun accurate at those absurd 100+ meter ranges for our next attachment. 

The SOCOM Eliminator will add a 17% boost to our vertical recoil at the cost of 10% of our horizontal recoil control. 

This muzzle attachment will also increase our muzzle flash concealment by 85% allowing to be "but a whisper" on the enemy's mini-map as our radar signature will disappear after just 0.15 seconds. 

The SOCOM Eliminator will also decrease our shooting movement speed by 10%. 

Field Agent Grip 

To recuperate the horizontal recoil lost, we will be using the Field Agent Grip further increasing our vertical recoil control by 8%. 

The Field Agent Grip will also increase our horizontal recoil by a whopping 30%, keeping us on target at any range. 

For the cons, the Field Agent Grip will decrease our shooting movement speed by 9%.

Airborne Elastic Wrap

Next on our list is the Airborne Elastic Wrap for its incomparable 30% boost to our aim down sight time. Taking us from an elephant slow 600 ms all the way down to a manageable 420 ms. 

This handle will also increase our flinch resistance by 90%, reducing the on-screen effect down to a minimum. Meanwhile, giving us the ability to aim down sight while going prone. 

The Airborne Elastic Wrap will decrease our shooting movement speed by 15% and our sprint to fire speed by 15%.

Therefore, increasing our sprint out time from the base 450 ms all the way up to 517 ms.

No Stock 

The No Stock Attachment is used to fix the downside of the Airborne elastic Wrap with a 30% boost to out sprint to fire speed for our last attachment.

Taking our print out time from the previously stated 517 ms all the way down to 382 ms.

The No Stock Attachment will increase our hip-fire accuracy by 15%.

Wrap Up: 

The M60 is a bit of a grind, and this weapon's true dominance does not shine until the later levels, where the attachments make a serious impact.

The Airborne Elastic Wrap is a key attachment for that amazing 30% aim down sight time.

Moreover, the 22.8" Task Force Barrel will keep this weapon in its 3 shot kill range out to ranges where the enemies will look like a single Pixel. 

Both the Field Agent Grip and the SOCOM Eliminator keep the recoil down to the minimum.

However, the No Stock Attachment is really the "icing on the cake" with its boost to the sprint to fire time. 

Best M60 Warzone Loadout

  • Optic: Sillix Holoscout
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor 
  • Barrel: 22.8" Task Force 
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip 
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap


Best M60 Class Warzone & Rebirth Island.

22.8" Task Force Barrel 

For the same reason listed above, this is easily the best barrel to use for any light machine gun build, not just the M60.

Agency Suppressor 

Next, we will be adding the Agency Suppressor to this Warzone loadout. 

The Agency Suppressor will keep us off the radar and increase our damage range. Even though an increase to our damage range is not needed, it is still a useful boost.

This muzzle attachment will decrease our aim walking steadiness and our aim down sight speed. 

Field Agent Grip 

We will be borrowing the Field Agent Grip from our previous loadout for maximum recoil control.

Sillix Holoscout

For a clear sight picture, we will be adding the Sillix Holoscout offering the right amount of zoom for quick target acquisition. 

Another great option would be the Visontech 2x. However, for this specific loadout, we prefer the Sillix Holoscout. 

Nonetheless, the option of the optic is completely up to you.

Airborne Elastic Wrap

To speed this class up, we will be using Airborne Elastic Wrap for that incredible boost to out aim down sight time just like our previous set up.

Wrap Up: 

This class set up borrows a lot from our Black Ops Cold War set up since some attachments simply can't be beaten. 

The Airborne Elastic Wrap reduces the aim down sight time. Meanwhile, the 22.8" Task Force Barrel increases the range to the max.

The Field Agent Grip keeps the gun in place in terms of recoil and the Sillix Holoscout increases visibility and accuracy. 

However, no warzone class would be complete without the addition of a suppressor. 


There you have it; two slightly different class set up for the M60.

This massive Light machine gun is surprisingly swift on feet boasting some of the best handling stats in its class.

In turn, it packs some serious heat. It is no wonder why the Call of Duty Community calls the M60 the "Fully Automatic DMR 14".

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