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Best M1912 Tommy Gun Loadout for Caldera – Warzone Pacific

If you’re looking for the best possible M1912 loadout in Caldera, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy the Warzone Pacific Tommy Gun.

There are some secondary weapons that simply outshine the primary guns in Warzone. And the M1912 is certainly one of them.

The Tommy Gun has been one of the best weapons in Vanguard since launch, and it’s just as powerful in Warzone Pacific. Just like the insane MP40 build for Warzone Pacific, this build focuses on providing extreme power at close range.

Update: To save on any confusion, the M1928 has now been renamed to the M1912 in Warzone (Vanguard remains the same). We’ve updated the title but the rest of the article will contain the original name:

M1928 (Tommy Gun) Warzone

And with Warzone cheaters ruining Caldera already, it certainly helps to have a good way to fight back.

Content creator and Warzone Pro BennyCentral reports that this M1928 loadout has one of the fastest Time-to-Kills in the game, with a 50 Round Mag to boot!

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Best M1928 Loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera

If you’re looking for the best close-range option in Caldera, check out this M1928 loadout for Warzone Pacific.

  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel: CGC 12″ Cooling
  • Optic: Large Iron Sights
  • Stock: CGC S Adjustable
  • Underbarrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine: 8mm Kurz 50 Round Drums
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Perk: Fleet
  • Perk 2: Quick
M1928 Loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera

Thanks to BennyCentral for sharing this top-tier M1928 loadout for Warzone Pacific. According to the seasoned Warzone player, this isn’t as fast as the MP40 but it’s far more forgiving due to magazine size.

Meanwhile, Warzone fans are unhappy about Caldera’s FOV slider fiasco. And that’s far from the only issue in the game right now, with graphical bugs plaguing the game.

But hopefully Raven Software will be able to make the necessary fixes before the Warzone Christmas event goes live. We’ll be seeing Krampus join the party soon, and it seems that Captain America and Indiana Jones are on the way too.

Plus, dataminers are reporting that an Attack on Titan crossover is coming to Warzone and Vanguard soon!

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