The M16 has returned to the Modern Warfare series in MW2 – here’s the best loadout for it as well as how you can unlock it!

While burst-fire guns may not be the go-to weapon for many Call of Duty players, they can be devastating at mid and long-range if your aim is on-point

What’s more, out of all of the burst-fire guns in the Call of Duty games, they don’t come more iconic than the M16!

Best M16 Loadout Build & Attachments in MW2

  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp (Unlocked at 556 Icarus Level 10)
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot (Unlocked at FSS Hurricane Level 3)
  • Stock: Corio Precio Factory (Unlocked at M4 Level 7)
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple Vert Grip (Unlocked at 556 Icarus Level 15)
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip (Unlocked at M4 Level 8)

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Best M16 Loadout MW2

The FTAC Castle Comp Muzzle attachment is a great pick for any gun in MW2. It reduces both the vertical and horizontal recoil, making your M16 more accurate.

For the optic, we recommend the Cronen Mini Red Dot as gives a clear sight picture and can be used at all ranges.

Next, the Corio Precio Factory stock increases your recoil control. It also decreases your movement speed and mobility but it is worth it for the more controllable recoil.

The VX Pineapple Vert Grip increases the recoil steadiness on the M16, which is especially important for staying accurate with burst-fire weapons.

Finally, the Sakin ZX Grip is another attachment that increases your overall recoil control. This will help you stay accurate.

How to Unlock the M16 in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the M16 in MW2, you must reach level 14 with the 556 Icarus LMG. Follow this Weapon Platform path to do this:

  • First, level up the M4 until you reach Level 19.
  • This will unlock the 556 Icarus LMG.
  • Finally, level up 556 Icarus to Level 14 to unlock the M16!

Make sure to familiarize yourself with all of the Weapon Platform paths in MW2 so you know how to unlock every weapon.

M16 Receiver Unlock MW2

Best Secondary to Use With the M16

The best secondary weapon to use alongside the M16 is the X13 Auto. This is because you want a high fire-rate weapon that can quickly take down opponents at short range.

As the M16 is much more suited for long-range engagements, you’ll want a fast secondary that can drop enemies in a pinch and the X13 definitely does it best!

X13 Auto MW2

Best Perks to Use With the M16 in MW2

The best Perks to use with the M16 in Modern Warfare 2 are:

  • Overkill
  • Battle Hardened
  • Fast Hands
  • Ghost

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Best M16 Base Perks

The best Base Perk to use with the M16 is Overkill. This is a particularly great choice for when using the M16 as it lets you equip a powerful SMG so you can win short-range gunfights too.

Battle Hardened is the other Base Perk we recommend you use with the M16. This is because it will help you shake off the effects of enemy tactical equipment if anyone decides to push you.

Best M16 Bonus Perk

The best Bonus Perk to use with this M16 loadout is Fast Hands. This is because it will let you swap to your SMG (which you have selected thanks to Overkill) quickly if anyone tries to hunt you down.

Best M16 Ultimate Perk

Ghost is the best Ultimate Perk to use with the M16. This is because it will keep you off the minimap and help you remain safe while picking off enemies at long-range.

Best Equipment to Use With the M16 in MW2

  • Tactical – Smoke Grenade
  • Lethal – Claymore

The Smoke Grenade is a great piece of equipment to use when you need to reposition after enemies have found your location.

Meanwhile, the Claymore is a great lethal equipment for players who prefer to keep their distance. You can use it to cover your flank in case anyone tries to sneak up behind you.

Claymore MW2

Best Field Upgrade to Use With M16

The best Field Upgrade to use with the M16 is the Deployable Cover.

The Deployable Cover will keep you safe from enemy fire and let you hold powerful vantage points on the map with ease.

Just be cautious about incoming explosives as they can destroy your Deployable Cover very quickly.

Best Alternatives to the M16

The best alternative to the M16 in MW2 is the M4. Part of the same weapon family as the M16, this low recoil M4 loadout is a fully automatic weapon but is still capable of picking off enemies at long range thanks to its accuracy.

Other alternatives include:

  • SP-R 208 – This super accurate SP-R 208 loadout is an extremely powerful Marksman rifle that can take down enemies at long-range and has surprisingly fast mobility.
  • FTAC Recon – An accurate Battle Rifle that is a slightly shorter-range option than the M16 but is a more versatile choice.
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