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Best Long-Range Weapon in Warzone Pacific After Mid-Season 1 Update

Testing out the loadouts for the best long-range weapon in Warzone? Look no further, with the best BAR loadout in hand, you will fry your enemies.

The BAR is one of the many weapons that made their way into the game, with the Vanguard x Warzone integration. It is one of the best assault rifles and is particularly good for engaging in long-range battles.

Also, players now have guns from three Call of Duty titles at their disposal. However, you’ll need to better your aim and accuracy in Warzone to make the most out of any weapon during matches.

With that said, the best BAR loadout will help you unload a ton of damage on your opponents in Caldera.

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best bar loadout warzone pacific mid season update better than bren LMG

Best BAR Loadout for Caldera Post Warzone Pacific Season 1 Reloaded

The mid-season update buffed the BAR and made it a go-to choice for shredding enemies at a distance. Here’s the best BAR loadout in Warzone Pacific:

  • Muzzle: Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel: CGC 30″ XL
  • Optic: M38/Slate 2.5x Custom
  • Stock: Pistol Grip Custom
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: .50 BMG 40 Round Mag
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Perk: Hardscope
  • Perk 2: Fully Loaded

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best bar attachments warzone pacific

Special thanks to ‘KRNG Hero‘ for sharing the above loadout. According to the seasoned Warzone player, the buff to BAR’s Muzzle attachments makes the gun a great choice for deleting your opponents from great distances.

On top of this, a few other attachments also saw a performance increase and this allows for equipping attachments that allow more mobility. The BAR has a great TTK and is easily the best long-range weapon in Warzone right now.

In other news, fans are demanding ‘Warzone 2.0’ with Modern Warfare 2. Who would have guessed this many integrations will ruin the state of the current game!

But on the positive side of things, a new video proves RICOCHET anti-cheat is working in Warzone. Looks like the day where Warzone will be free of hackers is not a distant dream after all.

Finally, if you’re one of the impatient ones and want to prepare yourself for the next season already, make sure you know when Warzone Pacific Season 2 starts.

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