Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 are powerful items that upgrade your gear and give them useful modifiers, but with so many, it’s hard to find the best ones for the Necromancer.

Any endgame build you create must have a set of Aspects that can complement your abilities. Some Aspects are obtained from dungeons, while others are only found in random Legendary Gear.

Thankfully, we’ll break down where to find the best Aspects for the Necromancer and what sort of build each of these compliments.

Top 10 Best Legendary Aspects for Necromancer

Here are the top ten Legendary Aspects that players can find in Diablo 4 for the Necromancer. Use these powerful modifiers to take your builds to the next level.

  1. Viscous Aspect
  2. Aspect of Embalmer
  3. Aspect of Frenzied Dead
  4. Blighted Aspect
  5. Unyielding Commander’s Aspect
  6. Aspect of Torment
  7. Aspect of Rathma’s Chosen
  8. Aspect of Ultimate Shadow
  9. Aspect of Serration
  10. Cadaverous Aspect

Before you head out to obtain all of the Legendary Aspects, you need to make sure you have the following legendary materials:

You’ll need them to imprint your Legendary Aspects for the Necromancer in Diablo 4 with The Occultist.

10. Viscous Aspect

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Your maximum number of Skeletal Mages is increased by 2.
Best For – Minion Build

The Viscous Aspect is great for any player looking to use minions as one of their main forms of damage. Skeletal Mages are great because they have multiple ways of being useful during a battle.

With the Viscous Aspect, you’re increasing the amount of Skeletal Mages you can deploy from three to five. Not only does this give you more firepower, but it helps boost any skills that involve having minions.

Pairing up the Viscous Aspect with the Coldbringer’s Aspect will increase your Skeletal Mages’ power since they’ll cast a blizzard every 10 seconds.

This is great for Crowd Control and staggering any bosses that you encounter out in Sanctuary.

9. Aspect of Embalmer

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Consuming a Corpse has a 20 – 30% chance to spawn a Blood Orb.
Best For – Blood Build/ Minion Build

The Aspect of Embalmer is a Legendary Aspect that increases the chances of spawning Blood Orbs. Blood Orbs allow players to heal for 15% of their health and combine with other skills to build more passives.

Although, this Legendary Aspect really shines in a Blood or Minion Build. With a Blood Build, players need to remain Healthy (above 80% of health) to reach the max potential of their Overpower damage.

Since picking up Blood Orbs heals players, it helps them stay above 80% health and do as much damage as possible.

Players can even obtain a Talent that allows Blood Orbs to heal their Minions as well. When you pair this up with the Unyielding Commander’s Aspect, you have a relentless army that is really undying.

If you really want to create an OP build, learning how Fortify works and how it can keep you healthy will greatly help.

8. Aspect of Frenzied Dead

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Each time one of your Summoning Minions damages an enemy, they gain 10-14% Attack Speed for 3 seconds, up to 30-42%.
Best For – Minion Build

The Aspect of Frenzied Dead improves your Minions’ Attack Speed, allowing them to do more damage against your enemies.

It is a great skill to use alongside the Viscous Aspect and Blood Getter’s Aspect because it increases your number of Minions, providing more power to your build.

In Diablo 4, Necromancer Minion builds have fallen behind due to how easy it is to lose Minions.

Thankfully, this Aspect allows your Minions to survive a little longer by eliminating enemies before they attack them.

7. Blighted Aspect

Where to Obtain – Complete Akkhan’s Grasp Dungeon in the Ruins of Rakhat.
Effect – You deal 50-120% increased damage for 6 seconds after the Shadowblight Key Passive damages enemies 10 times.
Best For – Darkness Build

The Blighted Aspect is perfect for players that are looking to use Darkness skills with their Necromancer to control the waves of enemies in Sanctuary.

You’ll need to equip the Shadowblight Key Passive to make the most of the build, but it is a powerful ability with high damage over time output.

Many of the Shadow abilities inflict Crowd Control effects on enemies and having an increase in damage help players quickly mow them down while they are vulnerable.

If players pair up the Blighted Aspect alongside the Plaguded Corpse Explosion or even the Aspect of Ultimate Shadow.

Blighted Aspect Necromancer Diablo 4

6. Unyielding Commander’s Aspect

Where to Obtain – Complete the Faceless Shrine Dungeon in Hawezar.
Effect – While Army of the Dead is active, your Minions gain 70-100% Attack Speed and take 90% reduced damage.
Best For – Minion Build, Darkness Build

The Unyielding Commander’s Aspect helps negate one of the biggest issues with Minion Builds in Diablo 4 because it gives them a 90% damage reduction.

Minions tend to die too quickly. They will enter a battle, and you’ll need to revive them almost instantly if they encounter an Elite or a Boss.

This is why the Unyielding Commander’s Aspect is such a great Legendary Aspect for the Necromancer because it allows you to use your Minions while also focusing your points on other skills.

Unyielding Commander's Aspect

5. Aspect of Torment

Where to Obtain – Complete the Black Asylum Dungeon in the Frigid Expanse.
Effect – Critical Strikes with Bone Skills increase your Essence Regeneration by 20-30% for 4 seconds.
Best For – Bone Build

The Aspect of Torment is incredible for almost any Necromancer build because it helps players regenerate their Essence, which is usually tied to their most powerful skills.

It is especially helpful when used with Bone Spear Builds since they are usually reliant on Critical Strikes.

You’ll want to use this Legendary Aspect when you’re feeling that you run out of Essence too quickly. It pairs up well with the Aspect of Serration because it can increase your Critical Strike chance.

Aspect of Torment Necromancer

4. Aspect of Rathma’s Chosen

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Whenever your Blood Skills Overpower you gain 20-50% Attack Speed for 4 Seconds.
Best For – Blood Build

The Aspect of Rathma’s Chosen works well with the Capstone talent, Rathma’s Vigor. This Talent gives players a guaranteed Blood Skill Overpower every fifteen seconds.

This also means that players will gain an Attack Speed boost at the same time. Players that are looking to maximize their Blood Build should look to find this Legendary Aspect.

This will allow players to use a powerful Overpower Blood Core Skill and then quickly build up their Essence again using their Basic Attack.

3. Aspect of Ultimate Shadow

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Bone Storm and Blood Wave are also Darkness Skills, deal Shadow damage, and gain additional effects.
Best For – Darkness Build

The additional effects that the Aspect of Ultimate Shadow gives to players are:

  • Enemies damaged by Bone Storm take various amounts of Shadow damage over 2 seconds.
  • Blood Wave desecrates the ground it travels over, dealing various amounts of Shadow damage over 4 seconds.

This gives players a huge boost to any Darkness build because it gives them two completely new abilities to work into their attack.

Bone Storm and Blood Wave are powerful attacks that can save players due to their offensive and defensive abilities.

2. Aspect of Serration

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – The Ossified Essence Key Passive also increases the Critical Strike Damage of your Bone Skills by 1% per Essence, up to 30-40%.
Best For – Bone Build

The Aspect of Serration is a powerful modifier that boosts the ability of what is arguably the best Key Passive for the Necromancer, the Ossified Essence.

It gives your Critical Strike Damage a huge boost which is one of the most important aspects of building a proper build around the Bone skills that the Necromancer offers.

We recommend pairing it up with the Aspect of Torment to increase the number of times you are able to use powerful Core Skills.

Aspect of Serration
Source: MacroBioBoi

1. Cadaverous Aspect

Where to Obtain – Extract from Legendary Gear.
Effect – Consuming a Corpse increases the damage of your next Core Skill by 5-10%, up to 25-50%.
Best For – Any Build

The Cadaverous Aspect is a great Legendary Aspect overall because it boosts the damage output of the Necromancer’s most powerful abilities.

Players can use this Legendary Aspect to boost the abilities of Blood Surge, Blood Lance, Bone Spear, Sever, and Blight.

Since you can attach it to any 1-Handed Weapon, 2-Handed Weapon, Gloves, Amulets, and Rings, it is easy to find a place for it in your build.