The locations you drop in during Warzone 2 can define your entire match. If you drop somewhere with no loot, you might be disadvantaged when trying to rotate locations.

Al Mazrah is Call of Duty’s biggest battle royale map to date. With over 150 players dropping into one map, it can sometimes get pretty intense.

Here are the best locations to drop into in Warzone 2 and why they can make all the difference.

Best Locations to Drop in Warzone 2

The best landing locations in the Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map are:

  • Al Mazrah City
  • Al-Safwa Quarry
  • Sawah Village
  • Al Malik Airport
  • Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Al Sharim Pass

These locations have been chosen based on loots, vehicles, Stronghold’s and chances of survival.

We’ll take a deeper dive on each location below.

Al Mazrah City

Best Aspects: Loot, Vehicles, Stronghold

One of the best drops in Warzone 2 is Al Mazrah City, but it’s also one of the most obvious.

This large city boasts a large amount of loot, plenty of contracts, and even the location of the iconic MW2 map, Highrise.

The secret is to land in the North or East section of Al Mazrah City. Not too close to the middle, but far enough so that you won’t alarm the whole city if you encounter a team.

Make sure to check inside buildings and find as much money as possible. Players can walk away with plenty of money, too, due to all the different cash registers scattered around the city.

If you do happen to land in the middle of the city, visiting Highrise will guarantee you find yourself with a Heavy Chopper, one of the best vehicles in Warzone 2.

Al Mazrah City

Al-Safwa Quarry

Best Aspects: Loot, Vehicles, Low Engagement

The Quarry is far off enough into the edges of Al Mazrah that you won’t see too many players dropping here.

It has plenty of loot, and if you encounter other players, it also has a lot of areas where you can reach a vantage point to get an advantage.

Once you have your loot, you can easily make your escape North to Rohan Oil or even go by boat by visiting the port South of your location.

Despite being on the edge of the map, it’s actually pretty easy to relocate from here due to how many vehicles are in the surrounding area. So it’s a great place to start your match.

There is also a buy station on site that you can use to get new items quickly.

Quarry Warzone 2 Drop

Sawah Village

Best Aspects: Location, Loot, Vehicles, Low Engagement

Another great location to drop in with plenty of vehicle options is Sawah Village.

This is because there are large spaces of open fields on all sides of Sawah Village. So you can safely loot without worrying about a team randomly appearing from a nearby area.

You can take one of the boats and quickly make your way to the port from a safe distance once you finish looting the area.

Traveling on the water is one of the best ways to get your team a good vantage point or to the zone.

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Warzone 2 Drop Village

Al Malik Airport

Best Aspects: Location, Loot, Vehicles, Low Engagement

The Airport is a great area for players who are looking to get out a couple of contracts early into the match. There is plenty of buildings and cash to go around. Usually, you’ll find a few contracts to choose from as well.

It’s an area with plenty to do, and there is plenty of space for players to explore. This helps when you spot an enemy team dropping alongside you. You can either engage or make your way to the outskirts or maybe even escape by boat.

The options are there, which is why the Airport is a great location to drop into.

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Airport Warzone 2

Mawizeh Marshlands

Best Aspects: Location, Loot, Vehicles, Stronghold

If you’re looking for a location that isn’t too far from the center, there is no better option than Mawizeh Marshlands.

It’s right below Al Mazrah City, one of the most popular locations in Warzone 2, and above Al Sharim Pass, another area filled with loot. So once you loot the Marshlands, there is really no wrong direction to head into.

The Marshlands has plenty of buildings to loot, and it’s close to a Stronghold. Strongholds aren’t too difficult early in the game as long as you have a squad with you.

The biggest risk is an enemy team trying to push you while you clear the Stronghold, but due to the location of the Marshlands, it’s very unlikely to see anyone early in the game.

Marshlands Warzone 2

Al Sharim Pass

Best Aspects: Location, Loot, Vehicles, Stronghold

Al Sharim Pass is one of the best drops in Warzone 2 due to the loot you can find and how central it is to everything else.

There is a high chance that Al Sharim Pass will place you in an area where you are inside the circle or don’t need to move very far from it.

This allows players to focus on looting without constantly checking the map and how much time before the circle closes in on them.

Al Sharim Pass

Best Locations for High Tier Loot

Strongholds are the best locations in Warzone 2 for high-tier loot in Al Mazrah. These appear towards the start of each game and are clearly marked on the map.

You can access this loot by clearing out the AI soldiers within the Strongholds. This is also one of the two ways you can get your complete loadout.

Strongholds are filled with tough enemy AI, but it’s worth it for the items you’ll receive:

  • Custom Loadout for your whole team
  • Cash (lots of it)
  • Killstreaks (particularly precision airstrikes)
  • Rarer weapons with more attachments filled
  • Other useful loot

Although, if you’re playing DMZ, you’ll need a Stronghold Key to gain access.

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