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These Will Be The Best Landing Spots in Caldera – Warzone Pacific

If you are looking to jump into Warzone Pacific’s Caldera, these are the best landing spots for you!

Call of Duy Warzone is about to change forever. Verdansk is leaving, and Caldera is about to make its debut.

Today, Activision showcased all the locations and points of interest in Caldera.

Now that we have this information, it is finally time to decide the best landing spots on the Caldera map.

Depending on your game style, you will find specific spots more interesting than others.

Nonetheless, we are sure these top ten landing spots in Caldera will make choosing a lot easier for you!

Caldera Map Call of Duty Warzone Vehicle (1)

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Locations Ranked

10. Lagoon

The Clear Water Lagoon is located in the southwest corner of Caldera in Warzone Pacific. This location has a multitude of rivers crossing and a prominent lighthouse.

This lighthouse is a perfect landing spot to survey the area before venturing to explore all the huts in the surrounding area.

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Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Clear Water Lagoon landing Spot (1)

9. Sub Pen

Shark’s Lair Submarine Pen is located on the southeast edge of the Caldera map. This location is a massive military structure with huge inside spaces for shelter and gathering resources.

Aside from this, the buildings grant a lot of verticality, giving players an excellent tactical advantage.

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Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Sub Pen (1)

8. Beachhead

If you are into tactical play, this is the perfect Caldera landing spot for you. Beachhead is located at the northwest end of the map.

It has a vast network of trenches and good vantage points carved in the hills. As well, there are plenty of road options once you are ready to leave the area.

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COD Warzone Pacific Beachhead (1)

7. Ruins

Ruins is suited for those who want to be stealthy, at least in the first moments of the match.

It has several hot springs and tiered pools that help those looking to traverse the area leaving the least possible tracks. As well, it connects to the river village and mines in case a quick escape is needed.

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CoD Warzone Pacific Ruins (1)

6. Arsenal

The Naval Arsenal sits in the northwest area of Caldera. Buildings in this area allow for an excellent location for exterior and interior combat.

Additionally, the surrounding cranes work as a great vantage point.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Arsenal (1)

5. Village

The River Village has a multitude of tiered paddy pools that serve as a perfect vantage spot. It sits at the west edge of the map, almost in the middle.

The positioning of Village allows quick access from the beach regions to the inner central areas of the map.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Village (1)

4. Docks

The Industrial Docks in the northern area of Caldera offer an area full of old containers surrounded by five rusty cranes.

If you land in the right place on Docks, you can have a substantial tactical advantage from the beginning of the match. As well, you will have immediate access to the mines if a quick escape is needed.

CoD Warzone Pacific Caldera Docks (1)

3. Peak

Peak is in the middle of Caldera. Aside from that, it is the highest point on the map.

Landing here can be complicated as many will want to get ahold of this position. But, if you are determined and have the skills, this is a perfect landing spot on Warzone Pacific Caldera.

Peak offers ideal central access to the rest of the map if needed and a considerable tactical advantage due to its elevation.

CoD Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Peak (1)

2. Resort

The Royal Cabana Resort is on the southeast edge of the Caldera map. This area contains an abandoned tourist resort.

You can quickly scout through the multitude of structures finding resources and shelter. Once you need to leave the area, Resort has plenty of accessible routes for vehicle escapes.

CoD Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Resort (1)

1. Capital

This area is located in the southernmost region of Caldera. It is one of Caldera’s most dense and busy locations, with a multitude of buildings, crossroads, and points of interest.

If you are good at sniping, controlling these buildings and areas can be a piece of cake under the right conditions. Due to this, Caldera Capital City is an excellent landing spot!

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Warzone Pacific Capital (1)

These are the best landing spots to start if you want to dominate Caldera!

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