If you want to get your hands on the Lachmann Sub right away in MW2 and rock its best loadout, here’s everything you need to know.

The MP5 has always been a fan-favorite SMG, so many players were delighted to see its return in MW2. For those unaware, the powerful weapon currently has a new name in-game, the ‘Lachmann Sub’.

But getting your hands on the Lachmann Sub isn’t as simple as you might think.

Before you go any further though, make sure you’re running MW2’s best controller settings to get an edge on the competition!

Best Lachmann Sub MP5 Loadout Build in MW2

  • Muzzle: Singuard MKV – Unlocked at VEL 46 Level 16
  • Laser: Schlager UL0-66 Laser – Unlocked at Fennec 45 Level 7
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90 – Unlocked at M4 Level 6
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag – Unlocked at Lachmann Sub Level 14
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot – Unlocked at FSS Hurricane Level 3
Best Lachmann Sub MW2

The Singuard MKV is the best suppressor available on SMGs, offering quieter firing as well as Bullet Velocity, Damage Range, and Recoil Smoothness. It’s well worth the trade-off for Aim Walking Speed, Aiming Stability, and a little slower ADS speed.

The Schlager UL0-66 is one of those beautiful attachments with no downsides, offering a boost to Hip Fire Accuracy and Hip Recoil Control.

The FSS Sharkfin 90 is an excellent choice for a boost to Aiming Idle Stability. In Modern Warfare 2, gun sway contributes to your recoil pattern, so take this attachment to combat sway with no downside.

When it comes to a Magazine, it helps to choose a mag that’ll keep you in combat for longer without taking too long to reload. The 40 Round Mag is a must-have pick, despite it lowering Movement Speed, ADS Speed, Reload Quickness, and Sprint to Fire Speed slightly.

Finally, a Cronen Mini Red Dot might be preference-based, but it’s one of the cleanest sights in MW2 and our personal pick.

Using this tried-and-tested loadout, the MP5 becomes unstoppable in MW2. It’s certainly worth unlocking!

Here’s the fastest way to level up guns in MW2 if you still need to get your hands on some of these attachments.

How to Unlock the Lachmann Sub SMG in Modern Warfare 2

  • Reach rank 16 in MW2 to unlock the Lachmann-762.
  • Equip the Lachmann-762 and level it up to level 12 to unlock the Lachmann-556.
  • Equip the Lachmann-556 and level it up to level 12.
  • Then, you’ll unlock the Lachmann Sub in MW2 thanks to the game’s new Receiver system!

Best Secondary to Use With the Lachmann Sub

The best secondary weapon you should be using with the Lachmann Sub is the Basilisk Handgun due to its powerful kill potential and long range.

Basilisk in MW2

Since this gun is capable of nabbing kills from further away than the Lachmann Sub, it’s a good addition to your class. What’s more, if you run out of ammo with your primary, it’s one of the few secondary weapons that can hold its own in-game.

Best Perks to Use With the Lachmann Sub in MW2

The best perks to use with the Lachmann Sub in MW2 are:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Scavenger
  • Fast Hands
  • Ghost

Check out how to unlock every perk in Modern Warfare 2 here.

Best Lachmann Sub Base Perks

The best Base Perks to run alongside your Lachmann Sub are Battle Hardened and Scavenger. The former is an excellent way to make sure you’re still securing kills in the heat of battle, with the ability to shrug off Tactical equipment.

Meanwhile, Scavenger is a must-have perk when on hot killstreaks, as you never want to run out of ammo when playing a rush class.

Modern Warfare 2 Perks

Best Lachmann Sub Bonus Perk

The best Bonus Perk to put in your Lachmann Sub / MP5 class is Fast Hands. This perk will have you reloading in record time, speeding up the gun’s drawn-out reload animation.

Don’t forget to learn how to reset your Tac Sprint without slide canceling in Modern Warfare 2 and you’ll be speeding around the map in no time.

Best Lachmann Sub Ultimate Perk

Without a doubt, the best Ultimate Perk for the Lachmann Sub is Ghost, letting you avoid detection on the enemy’s backlines as you rack up the kills.

However, Quick Fix is another great option for those confident in their skills, as it’ll keep you in the action for longer, provided that you can keep a kill chain going.

Best Equipment to Use with the Lachmann Sub MP5 in MW2

  • Tactical – Flash Grenade
  • Lethal – Semtex

A Flash Grenade (or a Stun if you prefer) is your best friend when running the Lachmann Sub in MW2. This handy Tactical will ensure you win any gunfight by giving you the opportunity to move position before your opponent can react.

Meanwhile, the Semtex is an excellent all-around option to drive enemies out of hiding, finish off foes behind cover, or even just stick someone as a last-ditch effort.

Best Field Upgrade to Use with Lachmann Sub

The best Field Upgrade to use with the Lachmann Sub is Dead Silence. This tool will make your footsteps silent, allowing you to charge around the map while still hearing enemies coming.

All you need is the slightest drop on your opponent and the MP5 will take care of the rest.

Best Alternatives to the Lachmann Sub

If the MP5 isn’t your thing (or you haven’t unlocked it yet), the best alternative is this meta FSS Hurricane loadout! The Hurricane is a strong contender for the best SMG title, but we’d still say the Lachmann Sub has the edge.

Other alternatives include:

It’s clear that the Lachmann Sub is one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. And since it took so much effort to unlock it, we’re glad it turned out to be a top-tier pick.

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