The KV Inhibitor is the most powerful sniper rifle in MW3 Multiplayer and should be the go-to gun for sniper loadouts!

Here’s the best KV Inhibitor loadout in Modern Warfare 3 to greatly improve it ADS speed for quickscoping:

AttachmentHow to Unlock
FSS OLE-V Laser (Laser)MTZ Interceptor Level 11
Ivanov Wood Stock (Stock)KV Inhibitor Level 6
DR-6 Handstop (Underbarrel)WSP Swarm Level 23
5 Round Magazine (Ammunition)KV Inhibitor Level 11
FSS Stormender Assault Grip (Rear Grip)KV Inhibitor Level 33
Is this Loadout helpful?

This build significantly speeds up the KV Inhibitor’s ADS time for some aggressive, close-range sniping and quickscoping.

Additionally, the attachments boost your movement and sprint speed, allowing you to get around the map much faster.

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout MW3

Best Secondary, Perks, Vest & Equipment for KV Inhibitor Loadout

When using the KV Inhibitor in MW3, you will want a loadout build that prioritizes stealth and weapon swap speed. Having a second Primary Weapon is also very handy!

These are the Perks, Vest, Equipment, and Secondary Weapon that you should use with the KV Inhibitor:

Secondary WeaponRival 9 (Second Primary allowed when using Gunner Vest)
TacticalSmoke Grenade
Field UpgradeTrophy System
VestGunner Vest
GlovesQuick-Grip Gloves
BootsN/A (Blocked by Gunner Vest)
GearGhost T/V Camo
KV Inhibitor MW3
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