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The Best Krig 6 Loadout in Warzone Season 3

If you’re looking for the new king of Warzone as far as assault rifles are concerned, look no further than the best Krig 6 loadout in Season 3.

The Krig 6 has consistently been one of Warzone’s best guns. However, in recent months, the weapon has definitely felt overshadowed by some of the battle royale’s broken metas.

Now though, thanks to new buffs in the Warzone Season 3 patch notes, the Krig is back in a big way. And it may well be the best assault rifle in Warzone, as well as one of the strongest guns in the game right now.

krig 6 Warzone loadout
(Source: Activision)

That said, it’s definitely not beating Warzone Season 3’s most broken gun but there’s definitely a reason to have it in your loadout drop.

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Warzone’s Best Assault Rifle in Season 3

The best all-around assault rifle in Warzone is finally the Krig 6 once again. It’s been a while since this popular weapon was meta but fans have never abandoned the gun.

Now, in Season 3, the Krig 6 boasts the following buffs and it’s making the weapon much more reliable:

  • Head damage multiplier changed from 1.4 to 1.5
  • Neck damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.3
  • Upper torso damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.1
  • Lower torso damage multiplier changed from 1 to 1.1
Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

Thanks to the little tune-up by Raven Software, the Krig 6 can now compete with some of Warzone Season 3’s best weapons. And players can once again enjoy the ‘no recoil’ assault rifle at its best.

“After the update man, I can confidently tell you that this will be the meta,” claims NICKMERCS. “You need to have this in your loadout, as far as an assault rifle goes.”

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Best Krig 6 Loadout in Warzone Season 3

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Barrel: 19.7″ Ranger
Optic: Axial Arms 3x
Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
Ammunition: STANAG 60 Rnd

The above loadout is definitely the best way to run the Krig 6 in Warzone Season 3 right now. And we’d definitely recommend putting in a loadout alongside Warzone’s best sniper, or a close-range beast.

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