The Kastov 762 is a hard-hitting assault rifle in Warzone 2 that can kill enemies in an instant – here’s the best, low recoil loadout for it:

Attachment Tuning How to Unlock
SA Leveler 55 (Muzzle)+0.52 ↑
+0.32 →
Chimera Level 17
KAS-10 584mm Barrel (Barrel)+0.42 ↑
-0.18 ←
RPK Level 16
AIM OP-V4 (Optic)-1.58 ↓
-1.65 →
BAS-P Level 5
FTAC Ripper 56 (Underbarrel)-0.30 ↓
-6.38 ←
Lachmann-762 Level 6
40 Round Mag (Magazine)N/A Kastov 762 Level 14
Is this loadout helpful?

Make sure to use this Kastov 762 build alongside one of the best SMG loadouts in Warzone 2. This will let you be just as deadly up close as you are from long distances!

Best Kastov 762 Loadout Warzone 2 Season 5
This Kastov 762 build is up to date following the Warzone 2 Season 6 update on September 27, 2023.

Best Secondary Weapon for Kastov 762 Class

You will want to use a fast-firing, mobile SMG alongside the Kastov 762 in Warzone 2. These are the current meta choices for close-quarters combat:

Best Perks & Equipment for Kastov 762 Loadout

The Kastov 762 is an aggressive assault rifle, so you will want perks and equipment that suit this play style. This is what we recommend you select for your custom classes with the Kastov 762:

  • Perk 1: Overkill
  • Perk 2: Double Time
  • Perk 3: Fast Hands
  • Perk 4: High Alert
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex

Best Kastov 762 Alternatives in Warzone 2

There are few other guns in Warzone 2 that can compete with the Kastov 762 in long-range gunfights right now, but there are a couple of great alternatives:

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