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Best Kastov-74u Loadout in Warzone 2 – Meta Build, Attachments & More

The Kastov-74u is a great assault rifle in Warzone 2 if you need a mid-range gun for your sniper loadouts!

There are very few guns in Warzone that have the versatility required to be effective at short, medium, and even longer ranges but the Kastov-74u is one of those.

With the right attachments, it can be a very powerful weapon to run alongside any sniper rifle in Warzone 2! Once you know how to unlock the Kastov-74u, we’ve got everything you need to know to make the best loadout for it!

Best Kastov-74u Loadout in Warzone 2

These Kastov-74u attachments significantly reduce the gun’s recoil whilst increasing its damage range, bullet velocity, and accuracy.

  • Muzzle: RF Crown 50 – Unlocked at TAQ-45 Level 16
  • Barrel: Shorttac 330mm – Unlocked at Kastov-74u Level 16
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro – Unlocked at Expedite 12 Level 7
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple – Unlocked at 556 Icarus Level 14
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag – Unlocked at Kastov-74u Level 14

As there are a few guns you need to level up to get all of these meta attachments. To save yourself some time, here’s the fastest way to level up guns for Warzone 2!

Best Kastov-74u Loadout Warzone 2 Launch

The RF Crown 50 Muzzle is a great choice for the Kastov-74u as it reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil on the gun.

Next, we’ve picked the Shorttac 330mm Barrel as it also increases recoil control as well as bullet velocity, which is important on large maps.

The Cronen Mini Pro is a great optic for the Kastov-74u as it has one of the cleanest sight pictures in the game.

In our testing, the VX Pineapple Underbarrel seemed to have the greatest recoil reduction out of any underbarrel attachment for the Kastov-74u – that’s why we’ve gone for it.

Finally, the 45 Round Mag will give you more than enough bullets to take down a couple of enemies without reloading, which is essential in Warzone.

Now all you need to do is get a Loadout Drop or buy a custom weapon in Warzone 2 and you’ll be able to use this gun in Battle Royale!

Best Easy to Unlock Kastov-74u Attachments Warzone 2

All of the attachments for this Kastov-74u build are unlocked by the time you reach level 16 with it. They are all in the Kastov-74u, Kastov 762, or Kastov 545 weapon tracks!

  • Muzzle: XTEN Havoc 90 – Unlocked at Kastov 545 Level 8
  • Barrel: Shorttac 330mm – Unlocked at Kastov-74u Level 16
  • Optic: DF105 Reflex Sight – Unlocked at Kastov-74u Level 10
  • Underbarrel: Schlager Tango – Unlocked at Kastov 762 Level 7
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag – Unlocked at Kastov-74u Level 14
Best Kastov-74u Easy Unlock Attachments Warzone 2

This Kastov-74u build is more than good enough to be competitive in Warzone until you unlock all of the meta attachments for the weapon.

Best Secondary Weapon to Buy for Kastov-74u Loadout

The best secondary weapons to buy from the Shop when using the Kastov-74u are long-range sniper rifles like the SP-R 208, MCPR-330, or SP-X 80.

This is because the Kastov-74u is best as a sniper support gun in Warzone 2.0

  • SP-R 208 – The best sniper for aggressive players thanks to its high mobility.
  • MCPR-300 – A long-range sniper rifle with extremely good accuracy and bullet velocity.
  • SP-X 80 – A solid all-around sniper that has good range, bullet velocity, and ADS speed.

Best Kastov-74u Loadout Perk Package in Warzone 2

We suggest using the Specter Perk Package in your Kastov-74u loadout in Warzone 2.

Ghost is an almost essential Perk in Warzone 2 as it stops enemy UAVs from detecting you. Plus, Specter also includes Double Time and Tracker which will help you either track down or avoid enemies, depending on how you want to play.

The Specter Perk Package includes:

  • Double Time
  • Tracker
  • Spotter
  • Ghost
Specter Perk Package Warzone 2

Best Equipment for Kastov-74u Loadout

Claymore and Smoke Grenade are the best equipment to use in your Kastiov-74u sniper support loadout.

These are both especially useful when playing more conservatively and getting long-range kills with the sniper you’ll use alongside your Kastov-74u.

  • Claymore – Lets you cover your flank if you decide to hold a powerful sniping spot.
  • Smoke Grenade – You don’t have the best mobility with this Kastov-74u sniper support loadout so smoke grenades can help rotate across the map when under fire.

Best Kastov-74u Alternatives in Warzone 2

The M4, FSS Hurricane and Vaznev-9K are the best alternatives to the Kastov-74u for a sniper support weapon. They all have good mobility and can be effective at close and mid-range.

  • M4 – A versatile assault rifle that can be built for mobility and mid-range combat.
  • FSS Hurricane – An SMG with controllable recoil and decent range that can be used alongside a sniper rifle.
  • Vaznev-9K – Another SMG with good range and damage output that can be used at mid-distance.
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