Key Points
Completion Time:
1 minute
1 Level to your Fortnite account
Must Haves:
Complete five Week 5 quests

The latest Fortnite weekly challenges have tasked players with bouncing on three Hop Flowers without landing.

If you are unfamiliar with the locations where Hop Flowers can be found, locating them in Chapter 4 Season 3 can be challenging.

However, this guide will show you where to find them and the best place to achieve this challenge. By following this guide, you can quickly earn the offered reward!

Best Location to Bounce on Different Hop Flowers Without Landing in Fortnite

The best location in Fortnite to bounce on different Hop Flowers without landing is on top of the trees east of Rumble Ruins and south of The Apparatus landmark.

This location boasts an abundance of closely clustered Hop Flowers. This will significantly increase your ability to bounce from one to the other without touching the ground.

The area in the image below is what we found to be the easiest spot within this region to complete this challenge.

Bounce Without Landing Hop Flower location

To effectively complete this quest, a helpful technique is to stop forward movement while airborne, aligning directly above the next Hop Flower. Doing so makes landing smoothly from one plant to another notably simpler.

What Are Hop Flowers in Fortnite?

Hop Flowers are interactive elements within the Fortnite map, specifically within the jungle biome. These flowers are commonly discovered atop trees but can also spawn on the ground.

Players jump on these flowers and receive a powerful boost that propels them into the air.

These specific plants will also grant you invulnerability against fall damage when you’re airborne after launching from them. This added benefit ensures your safety while navigating through the air.

Fortnite Hop Flower on tree
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