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Best Honkai Star Rail Team Comps

Only the strongest warriors deserve a seat on the Astral Express.

In Honkai: Star Rail, your team composition is as important as the Light Cones and Relics you outfit your characters with.

When you have a team that lacks synergy, you’ll see that the challenges you face are much more difficult to overcome.

This is why it’s essential to properly set up your team composition with characters that complement each other well.

Here we will discuss all the best Honkai Star Rail teams and why they can make the waves of enemies much easier to deal with.

Best Premium Team Comps

Here are the best team combinations that players can use with premium Honkai: Star Rail characters from the Stellar Warp and Character Event Banners:

1st Character 2nd Character3rd Character4th Character
Seele - Main DPSBronya - SupportTingyun - SupportBailu - Healer
Seele - Main DPSBronya - SupportAsta - SupportTrailblazer (Fire) - Tank
Arlan - Main DPSTingyun - SupportMarch 7th - TankNatasha - Healer
Gepard - TankSeele - Main DPSPela - DebuffTingyun - Support
Clara - Main DPSMarch 7th - TankNatasha - HealerPela - Debuff
Dan Heng - Main DPSWelt - SupportAsta - SupportBailu - Healer
Himeko - Main DPSHerta - Sub DPSMarch 7th Trailblazer (Fire)

Most of these characters are available through the Stellar Warp, but other more exclusive ones only come around so often with the current Character Event Banner.

You’ll notice that Seele is in plenty of these because she is one of the most powerful single-target characters in the Honkai: Star Rail Tier List.

But to make the most out of her, you need to build her with the right Light Cones and Relics.

Best F2P Team Comps

Here are the best free-to-play teams players can build without spending money on Star Rail Special Passes.

These team builds center around the initial free characters you obtain at the beginning of Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Asta + March 7th + Trailblazer (Fire) + Dan Heng
  • Asta + Natasha + Trailblazer + Dan Heng
  • Asta + Serval + Trailblazer (Fire) + Dan Heng
  • Asta + March 7th + Serval + Dan Heng
  • Asta + Herta + Trailblazer (Fire) + Dan Heng

To understand these builds, players need to understand the roles each of these characters plays in a team.

  • Trailblazer (The Destruction) – Physical
    • Main DPS
    • Build the Trailblazer on the Destruction Path, focusing on its ATK and Crit DMG. Players need to make the most of it their AoE attack and Ultimate.
  • Trailblazer (The Preservation) – Fire
    • Tank
    • The Trailblazer (Fire) is one of the most powerful F2P characters in Honkai: Star Rail. They function as a Tank, and players can build them with either high DEF or high ATK and Crit DMG.
  • March 7th (The Preservation) – Ice
    • Tank
    • March 7th is a great Tank character that can direct attacks her way and shield allies that are low in health. Build her with high DEF to allow her to maintain the enemy’s aggro.
  • Dan Heng (The Hunt) – Wind
    • Main DPS
    • Dan Heng is the most powerful single-target damage dealer in the F2P roster. Build his ATK and Crit Rate to really make the most of him. One of his best team synergies is Asta due to her SPD buff.
  • Asta (The Harmony) – Fire
    • Support
    • Asta is one of the most valuable Support characters in all of Honkai: Star Rail due to her ability to buff SPD and ATK.
  • Natasha (The Abundance) – Physical
    • Healer
    • Natasha is the only Healer players can obtain through F2P means, and she compliments a team of strong attackers well. User her when you’re having issues staying alive.
  • Serval (The Erudition) – Lightning
    • Sub DPS
    • Serval is a powerful AoE character that can apply shock to her enemies and continuously do damage.
  • Herta (The Erudition) – Ice
    • Sub DPS
    • Herta isn’t the best F2P character, but players can gain her Eidolons through the Simulated Universe. This makes her a great pick once you get a few more powerful Main DPS.

Many of them revolve around the Trailblazer because players can unlock its Eidolons and Traces simply by progressing through the story.

This gives players access to a powerful character with plenty of skills at their disposal. But to use the Fire Trailblazer, you’ll need to progress through the story first.

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