To fix the camera lag and aiming input delay that many players are reporting in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to change your camera settings.

Increasing camera sensitivity to 1.8 and decreasing camera acceleration to 0.8 should give you the best-feeling camera movement, but feel free to tweak these slightly to your own taste.

Additionally, it is very important to select the best graphics mode for Hogwarts Legacy. This, in combination with the best camera settings, will make your game feel much smoother, as having a high frame rate is a much better choice than graphical fidelity when it comes to gameplay smoothness.

Additionally, if you are playing on PC, you will want to know the best PC graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy. These will massively improve your in-game performance and reduce any feelings of input lag or delay. 

Best Camera Settings Hogwarts Legacy

How to Change Camera Sensitivity & Acceleration Options in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Press the pause button and select Settings.
  • Select the Gameplay Options tab.
  • Scroll down until you see Camera Sensitivity. Camera Acceleration is just below this.
  • Set the options to the following values for the best camera movement speed:
    • Camera Sensitivity: 1.8
    • Camera Acceleration: 0.8
  • You can leave the other Camera Options as default or tweak them to your liking.

While optimizing your Hogwarts Legacy camera settings is important even when you’re exploring the vast open world, it is especially important in the more action-packed parts of the game.

Using the best camera settings is essential if you want to be accurate when casting the dozens of spells in Hogwarts Legacy or zooming around the castle on your broom!

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