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Best Hiding Spots For Prop Hunt In Black Ops Cold War

This infamous limited Party time mode is back. Here are the best hiding places for Prop Hunt on each map in Black Ops Cold War.

This limited-time Game mode is all about where you choose to hide. Choose the wrong spot, and the enemy will find you.

On the other hand, make sure to shoot anything that looks out of place.

Winning Prop Hunt is just like real estate: location, location, location.

Best Hiding Places For Prop Hunt In Black Ops Cold War

First, let us start with the best hiding spots. Like in real life, it is more fun to hide, than it is to seek.

You will find the most success behind enemy lines. That is where the best hiding places for Prop Hunt are.

Specifically, spawns. In every other game mode, players tend to rush out of their spawn. Very few know what the back part of the spawns looks like.

This makes it easier for you to conceal yourself as long as your object fits in the setting.

Another alternative would be in a crowded area like in the middle of the map or choke points.

These high traffic areas usually see a lot of action, in turn, not allowing players to take in all the fine details, letting you hide in plain sight.

Our last recommended hiding spot is rooms with windows or vantage points. Players will usually be looking out the window whenever they are in these types of room. Again allowing you to hide in plain sight.

Best Prop Hunt Spots for each Map in Cold War

When it comes to maps, there are definitely some that are easier to hide in than other. Newcomers like Checkmate and Moscow have a medium difficulty as players have not investigated every nook and cranny.

Then, you have larger maps like "The Pine", where hiding is a walk in the park… or maybe the mall.

Best 'The Pine' Prop Hunt Spots

This map falls under the easy category for two reasons. Firstly, it is brand new, and secondly, it is massive and littered with objects and spaces for you to blend in.

1. Outside of the mall.

This large area where the cars are parked is somewhat out the way. There are multiple exit points and large objects to hide behind. Lots of opportunities to play cat and mouse.

The Pine Hiding Spot 1 Prop Hunt Cold War

2. Floating next to the escalator.

This is utilising one of our advanced techniques in Prop Hunt, going up high to jump off allowing your prop to be locked floating in mid-air.

This is an unlikely spot for enemies to look and easy to miss.

The Pine Hiding Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War

3. Floating off a ledge towards the centre of the map.

This is an unbelievable spot, most enemies won't even think to look here. Your biggest risk is towards the end of a round when you're being hunted by your whistle.

To get here you need to move carefully along the ledge and drop down slightly before you lock your position.

The Pine Hiding Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War

Best Cartel Prop Hunt Spots

The bushes throughout the Cartel map are your friend, no matter what happens or what object you are.

Even if you're spotted, you can use the bushes as a maze to lose your enemy and hide somewhere else.

Our favorite spots:

  1. The Bushes next to where 'B' domination would be.
Cartel Hiding Spot 1 Prop Hunt Cold War

2. An overgrown bush near one of the spawns (location shown on the mini-map). This cone is almost completely concealed.

Cartel Hiding Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War
Credit: NeozGlitcher YouTuber

3. Hiding in some overgrowth towards the center of the map. This is next to a wall where you'd usually jump up towards B.

There is some overgrowth towards the left-hand corner where props can be completely concealed.

Cartel Hiding Spot 3 Prop Hunt Cold War

Best Checkmate Prop Hunt Spots

This training facility holds a dark secret in its story. However, for us, the dark corners are the spot to go.

Our favorite spot: Find a similar object and just go on top of it. They will never find you.

Checkmate Best Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War

Best Garrison Prop Hunt Spots

The Garrison is very complex with objects scattered all over the place. There are a few excellent hiding spots.

1. Near the "A" flag, there's a lot of random objects around the water.

This makes a perfect place to hide no mater the sizes or the shape.

Garrison Best Spot 1 Prop Hunt Cold War

2. Floating next to the bridge above 'B' domination.

This spot is an absolute masterstroke and will leave any spectators you might have watching you in awe.

You have to edge yourself off the bridge very carefully to achieve this spot.

Garrison Best Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War

Best Moscow Prop Hunt Spots

With Moscow's orange and red colour palette, we find it easier to hide within rooms, especially the one with a window. The contrast between the sun pouring in and the dark interior is perfect for concealing a rogue "Prop."

1. The small room over by the "C" flag.

This isn't a glitch or an unusual place, but it's a messy room where small objects can easily blend in.

Best Moscow Hiding Spot Prop Hunt 1

2. Above a staircase towards one of the spawns.

This highly creative spot is high risk, but incredibly funny when enemies constantly run past.

To get to this spot you need to jump on the staircase rail and get as close to the back wall as possible, then lock your position.

Best Moscow Hiding Spot Prop Hunt 2

Best Nuketown '84 Prop Hunt Spots

Nuketown has been a staple in Call of Duty for over 10 years now and trying to hide here isn't easy. Even running is hard, given how small the map is.

However, there are plenty of glitches and super obscure areas for very small props.

Best Satellite Prop Hunt Spot

Satellite is a very open map, however there are some excellent hiding spots to use.

  1. Off the rocks (mid-air) next to 'B domination'.

This spot can take a few tries to master. Try to get as close to the rubble as possible, so you're almost completely behind it.

You can rotate your item a couple of times until you find the perfect spot.

Satellite Best Spot 2 Prop Hunt Cold War

Best Miami Prop Hunt Spot

Miami is a busy map with lots of closed areas. Moving around and playing the game of cat and mouse is probably your best strategy.

However, there is one hiding spot which is hilarious if players don't think to look up.

  1. Use the diving board to jump high and float above the swimming pool.

This can be a great spot, it's amazing how many times enemies won't spot you here.

Best Miami Prop Hunt Hiding Spot Cold War

Best Crossroads Prop Hunt Spot

The best hiding spot in Crossroads needs to be a good one, considering how small the map is.

1. Once again, jumping off a bridge and staying flush to the sides.

This has become a reoccurring theme in Prop Hunt, jumping off a tall object and locking the prop in mid-air.

This works well if you can hide yourself next to or blend in with the side of the structure.

Crossroads best hiding spot prop hunt Cold War

Best Armada Prop Hunt Spot

The best spot to hide in Armada is quite possibly the most over-powered place in the game.

1. Hiding on the inside of the ships structure (above the water).

This is such a good spot, it should be considered a glitch.

You have to jump on the can on the bottom left of the image, you will get quite a lot of lee-way before you fall off.

As you move out towards the water you need to jump up as if there's another ledge towards the right.

Once you're on here, you're in an amazing position which actually looks quite natural with certain objects.

Armada Prop Hunt Best Spot Cold War

These Cold War hiding spots will be updated as new ones are revealed to us. In the meantime, if you want to become a better Prop Hunt player we have a must read guide with some incredible tips.


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